#1 System of Engagement for Staffing


Make happy talent your competitive advantage

Personalize, automate, and optimize each step of the candidate journey.


Automated Candidate Engagement

Trigger personalized emails and texts to candidates, contractors, prospects and clients using real-time ATS data.

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Two-Way Texting Right Inside

Sense is the only all-in-one platform that consolidates automation, two-way texting, NPS and surveys, database automation.. and more - sitting right on top of your ATS.

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Powerful ROI and Analytics Suite

Gain critical insight into your talent pipeline, recruiter productivity, and bottom line business processes.

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Make Automation Personal for Your Talent, Team, and Clients

In staffing, everyone needs to stay connected to make a successful placement. Each person deserves individualized attention -- but it can be manually impossible. Sense Journeys use smart automation and personalization to engage and deepen relationships with every contact at scale.

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Two-Way Texting for Recruiters

We're all busier than ever—including your candidates, contractors, prospects, and clients. Sense Messaging helps you accelerate the hiring process simply by using the communication tools candidates prefer. Send hundreds of unique messages in minutes, grow engagement rates exponentially, and make more placements—all with less manual work, in less time.


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Turbocharged Candidate Engagement

Save time and money by automating your candidate engagement strategy using the data already in your ATS


Smart Automated Journeys

Switch seamlessly between automated and 1:1 communications, no matter if it's email, texting, or chat.


Two-Way Texting At Scale

Build valuable, personal relationships across every facet of your business with real-time messaging.

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ROI You Can See

Capture all of your communications data in one place for clear and actionable analytics.

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