a text message conversation between a recruiter and a contract worker.

We're in the relationship business.

Staffing is personal. Your candidate engagement strategy should be too. Introducing text messaging for recruiters... built for staffing.

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45% Response Rate

Messaging is hands down the most effective way to engage candidates and increase placements, yielding consistently higher response rates than phone and email.

90-Second Response Times

With highly-personalized recruitment texting, your team can move seamlessly from broadcasts to 1:1 messages within one thread, using one number.

Up to 30% Increased Productivity

Automatically sync two-way texting with candidate records right in your ATS, eliminating manual tasks and ensuring all talent communications are kept in one place.

Connect with candidates how they want.

Sense Messaging is the most effective texting platform built for staffing. Now empower your team to build stronger relationships, grow your talent pool, and make more placements at scale, all while maintaining that essential one-on-one human connection. Our two-way texting tools blend centralized record keeping and customized workflows that allow you to hold tight to that ace up your sleeve—your personal touch.

Engage Candidates Faster with Communication They Love

On average, 90% of people read text messages within 3 minutes and respond within 90 seconds. Whew—that’s fast! Sense Messaging helps you accelerate the hiring process by increasing touch points and using the communication tools that candidates prefer.

Stay on Track with Seamless Conversations

From recruitment to redeployment, maintain a continuous two-way texting conversation throughout the candidate life cycle. One agency phone number allows you to communicate consistently, monitor ongoing conversations, and easily re-assign candidates across your agency.

Measure & Increase Workflow ROI

Sense Messaging effortlessly integrates into your existing workflows, creating an unified communication strategy across email, phone, social, and texting. Measure team usage and candidate engagement to better understand how you’re performing.

Talk to More People, More Efficiently

Tap into your superpower as a recruiter! With best-in-class recruitment texting, you can build meaningful one-on-one relationships at scale. Send hundreds of highly personalized messages in minutes, build stronger connections with candidates, and make more placements—all with less manual work.

Increase Recruiter Productivity with Broadcasts

Recruitment marketing is everybody's job. With Sense Messaging's Broadcast feature it's now effortless to send marketing and informational texts to entire segments - fast.

Keep Your Team on the Same Page

A shared inbox for your agency’s Sense Messaging phone number keeps everyone in sync, so you can be more efficient as a team. Our fully integrated web experience, chat app and Chrome extension mean your team can access SMS workflows from anywhere and chat with candidates on the fly.


Sync ATS Contacts

Pull candidates directly from your ATS. Candidate records are automatically updated.

Insert variables

Personalize broadcast messages by inserting candidate first, last or full name.


Sense Messaging helps you play within the CAN-SPAM laws and recommended SMS guidelines to avoid carrier filtering and fines.

Upload CSV contacts

Manually upload CSV files of contacts.

Send later

Schedule 1:1 or broadcast messages to send at a specified date and time in the future. Edit or delete scheduled messages.

SMS Templates

Create and save reusable messages.

Custom lists

Create and manage custom groups of contacts. Import tear-sheets as custom lists.

Chrome Extension

Start and manage conversations from directly within Bullhorn.

Multi-User Login

Multiple users can access and manage conversations from the same phone number.


Schedule and send broadcast messages to custom lists that convert to 1:1 message threads as candidates respond.

Sync Chat History

All messages are saved to the notes section of each candidate record in your ATS.

Sense Integration

Sense Messaging integrates seamlessly with existing Sense smart workflows and surveys

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