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Sense lets you tailor candidate experience & communication across their entire journey through AI-powered automation and helps you accomplish fast, personalized hiring at scale.

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“Once we got candidates in, the big challenge was to take it all the way to offer and to get candidates to stay — when they’re getting all these counter offers. And this is where Sense really helped by driving engagement from interviews to offer to day-one.”

Dana Mastropieri
Vice President, Talent Acquisition

“With Sense, we saw the difference in response volume and speed right away. The automation ensures every candidate is getting the highest level of service, it’s happening on a consistent basis — and saving time for our recruiters.”

Cheryl Rhody
AVP Marketing

So why choose Sense over Paradox?

Automate entire journey, not just top of funnel

Save time, money, and increase recruiter productivity by adding automation throughout the hiring  journey instead of just for top of funnel tasks. Sense helps you automate all kinds of recruiting tasks: from Hello to a Happy Employee!

Find the right candidate without lifting a finger

Sense helps you identify top talent, score them and connect qualified candidates to open roles through Search and Match AI.

Engage, nurture and reactivate your dormant database

With Sense AI Chatbot, personalize and automate talent journeys to nurture silver medallists and re-engage passive candidates to turn your database into a top source of talent.

Text, chat or email - communicate the way your candidates prefer

Communicate faster and build deeper relationships with well-crafted, personalized email, WhatsApp or text messages that drive 5X more response rates.

Transparent pricing

All inclusive pricing. No need to worry about hidden fees or additional subscriptions, integrations, and implementation costs.

Integrates with tools you love

Sense’s bi-directional integration with top ATS providers ensures your recruiters will always have access to the most updated and accurate data.

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