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Here's why you should move redeployment up your list of priorities for 2019

Posted by
Alexandra Kane
July 27, 2023

Sometimes what seems like the smallest changes can make a profound impact on your business:

✅ Hiring Candidate A instead of Candidate B could mean bringing on a future CEO

✅ Setting meeting agendas can result in hours saved for each employee every week

✅ Focusing on a specific niche can allow you to become an expert in that space

For staffing firms, moving redeployment up on your list of priorities can have a massive impact. Our research shows that most staffing firms only redeploy 5% candidates.

That means nearly every candidate you source will only be placed once by your firm.

Think about the resources you exhaust to place a single candidate. Then, consider the massive amount of resources necessary to fill all of your recs, every day, for an entire year.

Now, back to redeployment.

How much energy, time, and ultimately cost could you reduce by even slightly increasing your redeployment rate?

There’s nowhere to go but up!

In fact, doubling your current redeployment rate can increase your revenue by 20%.

Yup, 20%.

Imagine how could a 20% bump in revenue would impact the growth of your firm.

Redeployment should be near the top of your priorities this year.

Here’s why:

1. Redeployment helps you maximize resources in a tight candidate market.

Talent has the upper hand right now. Finding, attracting and even wooing top talent takes a lot of time and effort. Which means a lot of $$. Even if your staffing firm has a large budget to spend on attracting new candidates, wouldn’t you love to reduce those costs?

Rather than continuously investing in one-time placements, churning talent and wasting money along the way, prioritizing redeployment puts your candidate cycle on a different course -- one that constantly feeds itself.

2. With redeployment, a small increase will ultimately have a much bigger effect.

We mentioned that the redeployment rate for most staffing firms today is extremely low: around 5% or so, which means that more than 9 out of 10 candidates are “one and done” with your firm. That makes growing redeployment even a little bit low hanging fruit.

But the end result will be much more than an incremental gain. Once you start focusing on redeployment as a core priority, what starts as a small change snowballs. In time, your redeployment rate (and commitment to contractor care) will become a core differentiator -- and revenue generator -- for your firm.

3. Your redeployment initiative will help your recruiters.

It’s understandable that you may be reading this post and thinking “That all sounds well and good, but my recruiters are already maxed out. How can I expect them to spend more time with candidates?”

Candidate engagement software (like Sense!) designed specifically for the staffing industry not only allows you to improve redeployment rates with automated communications, it actually frees your recruiters to spend more time on mission-critical tasks.

In fact, our clients save up to 30% of their recruiters’ time with our automation tools.

That’s like adding more than 2 hours to your workday. Talk about productivity!

Still on the fence? Consider this:

Contractors want to be redeployed.

We live in the era of the gig economy. Talent wants the flexibility of contract work with as much security as possible. Staffing and recruiting firms can help folks find these roles consistently...that is, when firms quickly redeploy talent.

Redeployment doesn’t just increase revenue, it cuts costs.

Many staffing firms are spending thousands of dollars each month to post on job boards. When you make redeployment a priority, you can rely less on job boards to surface active candidates that are already in your database.

Invest in redeployment and invest in the future of your staffing firm.

If the thought of new technology intimidates you, don’t worry -- we’re here to help! We’ll walk you through a demo of Sense to understand how our platform will integrate with your ATS, and we’ll show you exactly how it can help you increase redeployment while saving your recruiters time (and ultimately, reducing costs).

Contact us for a demo.

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