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How could a 204% NPS increase impact your staffing firm?

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Alexandra Kane
July 27, 2023

Many staffing firms anxiously await their latest NPS each year. It’s one of the biggest indicators of success in the previous year (aside from placements and revenue, of course). If you’re sitting pretty with a high NPS right now, you may not be wondering how to take it to another level. But for most firms, a jump — like perhaps a 204% jump — would make a massive impact on their business.

Here’s the story of how a 204% increase impacted one staffing firm in particular.

Businesses that have been operating for more than 30 years are clearly doing something right. That’s where Motion Recruitment found itself, decades into its run as a leading provider of permanent IT talent.

But times change.

More tech teams were demanding project-based talent, and Motion Recruitment couldn’t ignore the marketplace…

The future success of Motion Recruitment meant placing contract IT talent.

After 30 years, you can imagine how refined Motion Recruitment’s processes were and how smoothly their office operated. Now with a shift in priorities, they needed new processes to attract, retain and redeploy top technical talent.

Engaging with contract talent that is on the job while searching for their next gig was a new world for Motion Recruitment, one that was very different from how they engaged with direct hire talent.

Taking on a massive shift like this was sure to involve some bumps in the road. Motion Recruitment’s NPS score was initially 24, which is about average for candidate scores in the staffing industry.

But for an established leader like Motion Recruitment, “average” wasn’t quite good enough. They wanted to excel.

It was time for a new communication strategy.  Enter: Sense.

Okay, Sense entered the picture a bit later, after Motion conducted some copious research. Eventually, they realized that Sense’s robust features and seamless integration with Bullhorn made it the best option to implement their candidate engagement strategy.

Motion Recruitment sends congrats emails when candidates receive offers and touch points after the first day or month on the job. They keep their candidates happy and engaged between receiving the offer and starting the gig. Critically, they now have easy-to-use tools at their fingertips to re-engage and redeploy candidates to new opportunities.

They were confident that, with all the pieces in place, dramatic results would come from this powerful candidate engagement strategy.

They were right.

Prior to partnering with Sense, Motion didn’t even have a way to measure candidate satisfaction. Now, they see firsthand how Sense is impacting their candidate engagement strategy:

Decreased offer-to-start drop-off rate: 8.5% to 5.4%

Increased pre-assignment satisfaction: 8.6 to 9.6 (10-pt scale)

Increased on-assignment satisfaction: 7.6 to 9.0 (10-pt scale)

Increased NPS from 24 to 73 (Yes, an increase of 204%!)

For Motion Recruitment, a 204% NPS increase meant the success of a new business line, 30 years into its history. It represented a crucial shift in their approach to candidate engagement that has profoundly impacted their business.

What could a 204% NPS increase do for your staffing firm?

Let’s talk and see.

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