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How EMI Staffing Uses Sense and TempWorks to Provide Personalized Experiences for Every Candidate

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Dave Anderson
April 25, 2023

EMI Staffing is a women-owned staffing firm that has connected employers in Mississippi with talent for over 25 years. Their personalized approach to recruiting sets them apart from the competition and helps them exceed the expectations of the people they serve. 

“We pride ourselves in offering every client and candidate a unique experience,” says EMI Staffing Controller Tonya Stroup.

With a team of experienced recruiting professionals, EMI has built a strong reputation in the region as a trusted and reliable staffing partner. As a firm that places anywhere from 50 to 100 candidates per week during peak times, they leverage automation in Sense and TempWorks to provide their patented personalized experiences at scale. 

Tonya recently joined us for a webinar to share how her team uses recruiting automation to work faster and more efficiently — all while exceeding candidate and client expectations. 

Transforming candidate engagement with automation

Prior to implementing Sense and TempWorks, the EMI team found it challenging to consistently follow up with candidates at critical times. The manual process drained productivity and placed a lot of stress on recruiters and managers alike. “It was a constant battle to make sure follow-up was done,” says Tonya. 

EMI realized they needed to transition from manual to automated candidate engagement to increase efficiency and remain competitive. The implementation of Sense and TempWorks saves recruiters countless hours and headaches and no longer requires managers to remind recruiters to follow up. “Taking a very arduous process and automating it has been one of the biggest game changers from EMI over the years,” says Tonya.

For example, candidates now receive automated text messages the day before their start date, providing them with information like what to wear, when to arrive, and where to park. Since recruiters no longer have to make those phone calls, they have more time to focus on more impactful tasks – like sourcing candidates and building talent relationships.

“Recruiters love connecting with people and helping them find a job,” says Tonya. “With the administrative tasks taken off their plate, our team now has more time to focus on what’s most rewarding for them.”

Making meaningful connections with candidates

Using automation to check in with new hires starting an assignment has been instrumental in helping EMI boost the candidate experience. They include NPS surveys with their automated follow-ups to learn if their team has set the candidate up for success in their new role. 

But Tonya believes candidate experience “isn’t just a number.” 

She adds, “We want our candidates to feel heard and understood, and Sense and TempWorks have helped tremendously with that.”

If any candidate provides a seven or below rating on their NPS survey, that feedback is flagged and routed to the wider team. An EMI team member then personally reaches out to the candidate to learn more about their situation and take steps to resolve the issues they’re facing.

By improving candidate experience with automation, EMI is now keeping candidates on assignment for longer periods of time. “Every staffing firm will tell you that most people are lost within the first 30 days on assignment, maybe even the first two weeks,” says Tonya. “That extra touchpoint has been a huge factor in reducing turnover.”

Working with the Sense team to get the most out of recruiting automation

With the help of their account manager, EMI was able to seamlessly integrate Sense and TempWorks and learn how the platforms work together. “It was so easy,” says Tonya. “Since everything works super seamlessly, we were able to set up journeys right away.”

The biggest hurdle they faced was understanding the differences between how fields are labeled in Sense and TempWorks. However, that was easily resolved through hands-on training with the Sense team. “They’re always extremely quick to jump on a Zoom call and help me navigate through any challenges I’m facing,” says Tonya.

EMI is now in the process of setting up new automated journeys to engage applicants. These journeys will be more complex than some of their previous ones but they’ve been working closely with their account team to get it right. Tonya says ‘“they’ve been hands-on through the entire process” to ensure the goal of the new journey and ensure it’s set up correctly before it goes live. 

Sense + TempWorks is a winning combination for EMI Staffing

With the combination of Sense and TempWorks, EMI Staffing is able to provide a personalized experience to every single candidate they interact with. Their thoughtful approach to automation has resulted in an improved candidate experience, increased recruiter productivity, and better business results. 

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