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It’s time to put your data to work

Posted by
Pankaj Jindal
July 27, 2023

All of us at Sense enjoy collaborating and digging into important topics with our colleagues across the staffing and recruiting industry. Recently, I had the pleasure of joining PandoLogic’s April Arteaga and Kimco’s Azeddine Ouhida to talk about data. But a LOT of people are talking about data (including here at Sense). We wanted to go further in this webinar, to really help you get results for your efforts. In this webinar, we examined how to transform your data into results

As we move through and (hopefully soon) past this pandemic, the importance of candidate engagement has never been more clear. With three to four times the number of candidates applying, yet with many firms dealing with fluctuating headcount, we want every member of our team to be as productive as possible. Not just to fill reqs, but to find those diamonds-in-the-rough to truly match great talent with the right opportunities. 

It’s safe to say that it’s nearly impossible to do it right now, without the right technology.

So much data, so few results.

With so many tools in your recruiting tech stack, you are sitting on a LOT of data. From acquisition to sourcing, you’re collecting data at every point in the talent lifecycle. Then again while you’re managing and hopefully redeploying talent. More communication. More engagement. More data.

But while every staffing firm is sitting on a TON of data, few are actually leveraging that data and putting it to use in order to generate real results. Or can find it overwhelming to leverage it in an effective, methodical way that yields a process that they can see across the entire lifecycle.

That’s why April, Azeddine and I sat down to examine data, technology and the future of your staffing firm. 

Here are some takeaways from the webinar, digging into how the right technology can help you get more value from your data:

Plug the leaks

With so many candidates and the same number of recruiters, many staffing firms are seeing an increasing number of leaks throughout the talent lifecycle. And with recruiters spending 2/3 of their days on lower-level and administrative tasks, there is a lot of opportunity for leaks to occur. 

Leaks = time, money and candidate experience hits. In fact, I can’t think of a single example where a leak ends up well. Check out the graphic below to see just where so many of those leaks happen (and how much they’re costing you). 

Empowering your recruiters with the right data and the right technology allows you to automate engagement across the funnel, update candidate data and ensure talent is getting the right messages, at the right times. 

Leaks, plugged!


Better target talent

With more talent on the market than ever, strategic sourcing (and effective attracting) of candidates is especially critical. 

The right technology provides you with critical data and functionality, helping your recruiters:

> learn the best channels to source candidates with specific skill sets or specific verticals,

> eliminate waste associated with manual management of ad spend, (junk in, junk out) 

> free up more recruiter time by automating job ad spend (this one is HUGE), and

>focus recruiter time on more qualified candidates, yielding richer, more personalized conversations and delivering a better candidate experience all around. 

Get more from your ATS

The right technology turns your ATS data into a self-sourcing machine. Automation boosts productivity by 20%, lowers acquisition spend and boosts candidate engagement. All in one fell swoop. 

Data enrichment and database cleanup helps you constantly maintain data hygiene, ensuring up-to-date records and leveraging recruiter output (with an up to 30% increase in productivity!). Use automation to nurture and prospect right into the database - up to 50% of job board candidates are sitting right there in your ATS! Lower your cost of acquisition and quicken your speed to hire by using your ATS as a primary talent source and get ahead of your competition. And the data generated through database automation will power engagement throughout the lifecycle.

Reduce job board spend

One of the easiest benefits to measure is spend. Decreased spend is a good thing. And when you add in increased results? Well, the impact is pretty profound.

Using the right staffing technology to automate reactivation touch points to your database can expand your candidate pool and reduce your job board spend up to 25%. All without adding any in-person tasks or complicated, manual processes. 

Delight candidates

Candidates right now are stressed. There is more competition for jobs than ever, and with the added stresses of the pandemic, your staffing firm can’t afford to deliver a negative candidate experience. 

The good news? The more data you collect on a candidate beforehand, the more seamless and personalized the experience can be throughout their journey.

Artificial intelligence and natural language progression-powered chatbots can enrich candidate profiles with a premium experience ahead of a first recruiter call, making that first experience much richer and personalized.

Plus, recruiter productivity soars when profiles are more complete, and engagement can be much more tailored at other stages of the funnel, helping you create a better candidate experience throughout the lifecycle. 

Then, you can leverage that data ingested from the top of the funnel in your ATS, personalizing the candidate journey across the lifecycle with emails, SMS and surveys. And we haven’t forgotten -- your recruiters won’t be taxed with all of these additional touchpoints. It’s all powered by automation, happening in the background while your recruiters focus on the most critical, one-on-one interactions. 

Make personal connections

We’re pretty much ALL working remotely right now, and that means that we want to be treated less like numbers and resumes and more like people. Real, human connections stand out for all the right reasons, especially during these times. 

Automated, personal updates via email and SMS can keep that human connection, providing critical information to candidates while continuing to maximize recruiter output and saving time. 

One of our favorite tips is to be sure and include GIFs, emoji and other appropriate images to keep messages friendly, engaging and REAL. 

Reduce ghosting and improve onboarding

Even in today’s market, candidate ghosting can still happen between offer and first day. Automated email and SMS can reduce talent drop-off by staying in touch, sharing compliance, benefits and other updates as credentials are approved.

Further, you can leverage data at key points in the onboarding process to initiate paperwork, check-in, take pulse feedback and work with both candidates and clients.

Get ahead of problems and mitigate risk

You know the old adage, you can’t manage what you don’t measure? That is so true in staffing, isn’t it? There’s nothing worse than having a candidate no-show, or have a client complain about talent. All because of an issue your recruiters never heard about or had on their radar. 

By using data-triggered events from your ATS, you can check-in with candidates throughout the lifecycle and catch issues before they start.

Here are just a few of the ways you can get ahead of any issues and better leverage data and feedback:

> Share contractor feedback and scores with clients in your reporting, strategizing together on a game plan in a particular account

>Use your Sense analytics in an RFP as a get ahead to win new business and stand out from the pack

> Direct contractors with high satisfaction to referral pages or review sites to make your brand an asset, divert low scores to recruiters to manage concerns

> Use sentiment analysis to see trends at scale and adjust

Boost redeployment

Our research shows most staffing firms struggle with redeployment. With the right staffing technology, you can leverage end dates to proactively reach out to contractors, assess new interest, skills and shifts and redeploy with ease.

In fact, you can also store future interest in the candidate record to build onto the candidate record and create a self generating pool of talent for future reqs.

Is the right technology getting ROI from your data?

To hear more from April, Azeddine and myself as we dug into data and technology, check out the full recording of our webinar here

Now more than ever, the right staffing tech stack is essential to weather the storm and emerge on top on the other side of this pandemic (and beyond). Here at Sense, our team of staffing industry experts has built our platform with your specific needs, challenges and goals in mind. There’s a reason 60% of the top 10 staffing firms use Sense. We get results. 

To see Sense in action and learn how our technology can improve ROI for your staffing firm, contact us to schedule a demo.

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