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Personalizing Communication to Improve the Temporary Employee Experience

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Alex Rosen
July 27, 2023

A conversation with Amy Linn, Strategic-Partner of PrideStaff Dallas North

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Amy Linn, franchise owner of PrideStaff Dallas North, about their efforts to continue improving the temporary employee experience, and what’s changed since they introduced Sense in their workflow.

The conversation was wide-ranging. Some of biggest insights were how Amy Linn and her team have streamlined communications, how they use personalized messages to increase response rates, and how they continuously strive to provide a world-class employee experience.

PrideStaff Dallas North

PrideStaff Dallas North places temporary and direct hire consultants in administrative, accounting and financial positions. They’ve been in operation since 2000, and recently began collaborating with Sense.

“Sense has helped us bridge the gap in communication with field associates,” Amy Linn says. “It has automated a portion of our quality check process while simultaneously providing a solution to a frequent gap in an employee’s experience. ”

Julie Vicic, also a Strategic-Partner in PrideStaff North Dallas, adds that “Sense HQ gives us real-time feedback from our field associates to ensure that we can deliver on our mission in the quickest possible timeframe.”

Developing Employee Engagement at PrideStaff

One aspect of designing a great temporary employee experience is making sure that each employee feels welcome and involved in the hiring process. This starts, at the most basic level, with a personal touch.

In our conversation with Amy, we explored how personalizing the experience with associates can make such a big impact in staffing success.

PrideStaff does this in three ways:

1. The Message

The message that is shared with each consultant varies depending on who is sending it, the needs of the employee, and the specific details of the assignment.

“Every assignment is different,” Amy says, “so we can’t assume that the details for Assignment  A will be the same as assignment B. We also know that the job could be a different length or require a different level of engagement. We have different processes in place for an associate  that’s on a two- to three-week assignment as opposed to one who is on a longer, temporary-to-hire assignment.”

PrideStaff trains their hiring managers and staff to solve problems at a personal level by first understanding that each situation is unique.

Amy explains: “I think it’s that white glove experience that we provide that people appreciate. We’re providing a service to corporations to engage talent, but in doing so we have to understand that every client’s culture is different, we have to take time to understand what their culture looks like. Our job isn’t done until we have communicated that information to our talent that’s going to go out and represent us on site.”

2. The Mode

The next level of communication you want to think about is the mode.

PrideStaff communicates with their temporary employees via the methods they prefer depending on the situation, as not everyone likes to communicate the same way.

“We have gen-Xers, like me, that do most things through email, and then Gen-Y, who really just love text communication. I think you really have to engage people via the method they prefer to communicate through,” says Amy.

By utilizing different modes of communication, PrideStaff is able to engage employees through the mode that is best for them.

Sense has helped automate much of this process. For example, text messages are used for some high priority messages, while others go out over email. If an employee  doesn’t respond, managers know to follow up with a phone call to make sure everything is okay.

“Although it sounds old fashioned at this point in time, sometimes a call is necessary. You can’t uncover what’s really going on in a situation without being able to have that free flow of conversation. I still think all modes of communication should be utilized to provide the best experience.”

Automation and the ability to personalize communication makes staying in touch with, and receiving feedback from, employees faster and easier for PrideStaff.

“With the introduction of Sense to our operational processes, we are moving toward more automation. However, we still feel that picking up the phone and making that human connection is irreplaceable.”

3. The Relationship

Finally, at PrideStaff they’re also aware of the importance of their relationship with their employees.

They strive to build trust early on in new relationships and maintain it. Once a relationship and rapport has been established, PrideStaff uses Sense to help streamline the communication process and uncover positive and negative feedback.

The Personal Touch

Effective communication is all about the personal touch.  Having added smart software to a company culture that values providing people with an experience they’ll love, it’s no wonder that PrideStaff Dallas North is thriving.

Amy’s journey from a temporary worker to a franchise owner with PrideStaff is at the heart of this culture. “I’m going on almost 20 years with PrideStaff, and I see similar opportunities for our employees that we place with our clients. Just recently, we received an email from an employee that we placed. Her new email signature was Vice President. She had advanced from a temporary employee to the Vice President of that division.”

That’s the type of inspiring story we’re excited to hear about, and proud to be a part of.

Are you interested in hearing more about how to use Sense to communicate with your candidates and consultants? Contact us to schedule a demo.

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