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Redefining Consultant Engagement Using Sense (VMSA Live ‘17)

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Pankaj Jindal
July 27, 2023

I was so pleased to be able to talk about Sense on April 6th at VMSA Live.

A big thank you to Geometric Results, Inc. for sponsoring the Tech Pavilion. It was a wonderful experience to learn about new innovative technologies in the human capital space.


VMSA Live - Day 2 Schedule

VMSA Live - Day 2 Schedule

Sense has already transformed the engagement experience of scores of staffing agencies all over the country. Most of our customers are witnessing dramatic improvements in reducing attrition, improving redeployment, and increasing their profitability. It was especially heartening to see several of our customers present at the conference, telling us how excited they are about Sense and how it has redefined the consultant care paradigm within their companies.

I was definitely looking forward to presenting at the tech pavilion. We had already set up meetings with nearly a dozen potential customers, several of whom attended my presentation. However, instead of it being a monologue — as some of these can be — the talk quickly became an interactive discussion about the everyday problems that staffing companies face in engaging with their employees and the cost associated with it. We talked about best practices for onboarding, increasing consultant satisfaction scores, improving referral rates, and how our seamless integration with various Applicant Tracking Systems makes engagement an automated, yet high-touch process.

Additionally, I was also pleased to see the interest that MSPs showed in our platform. We had executives from several MSPs who attended the talk, and we discussed scenarios where Sense can be used to engage effectively with staffing suppliers and enterprise buyers. Our platform already has several live workflows for the MSP community, and I look forward to continuing these conversations.


Pankaj Jindal, co-founder Sense, at VMSA Live 2017

Pankaj Jindal, co-founder Sense, at VMSA Live 2017

I returned from the conference super inspired about the fact that we are moving fast towards our vision where Sense becomes the nucleus of all engagement — with candidates, consultants, alumni, suppliers, MSPs, as well as the end clients.

Thanks again to VMSA Live for putting on such a good show. It was wonderful to see customers, industry colleagues, and friends.

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