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Sense Secures Series B Funding to Transform Staffing Tech

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Anil Dharni
July 27, 2023
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Today is a great day at Sense—we’re announcing our $13.5 million Series B investment led by GV (formerly Google Ventures) with participation from Accel. This funding injection from two of our existing investors brings our total funding to $23.5 million. To service our rapidly growing customer base, we will use this new funding to ramp up our R&D and sales operations around the world.

Sense is Changing the Game for Staffing Firms

We’ve been hard at work building the technology that transforms staffing companies from a one-and-done operation to a human-centric business. We are creating the best experiences for contractors from before the first interview all the way through the duration of the job and beyond.

Since our launch in 2017, we have seen the kind of growth that indicates we’ve hit on a serious market need. We work with staffing firms of all sizes--from mid-sized to some of the world’s largest. Today, we work with 30 percent of the top 140 global staffing companies. In the US alone, six of the top 10 staffing agencies including Adecco, Apex Systems, and the Staffmark Group, a Recruit Global Staffing company, have deployed Sense to take better care of their contractors.

Our customers are placing candidates in jobs across industries that the contingent workforce touches (read: nearly every industry). From trucking to light industrial to clerical, engineering, and IT-focused work, Sense gives our customers the edge they need to secure more than 20 million candidate placements that are best suited to their skills and abilities. The value that we are providing has not gone by unnoticed; our NPS score is consistently above 60.

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How are we achieving this NPS score? By changing the status quo and helping staffing firms understand that “good enough’ numbers aren’t actually good enough. Sense shaves 25% from from time-to-hire timelines, cuts offer-to-start dropoff rates, and all but eliminates the monotonous manual processes that bogs recruiters down. Candidates are markedly more satisfied with their experiences before and during their assignments, open and respond to messages more frequently, and give their staffing firms higher NPS scores. This improved candidate experience contributes to what is ultimately the most important factor in determining how our customers feel about us—redeployment rates have skyrocketed by an eye-popping 20%.

We’ve been building something else that we’re excited to share today...

The highly anticipated Sense Messaging is now available!

Sense Messaging is a 1:1 SMS solution developed in response to our collective affinity for texting over other forms of communication. It represents the next step in staffing. Sense Messaging reimagines the way that staffing agencies communicate with their candidates and supercharges recruiters’ abilities to place more candidates in fulfilling and productive jobs.

Communicating via instant text messaging became a fundamental part of our daily lives long ago, so it only makes Sense for recruiters to communicate with talent in the medium they find the most comfortable—tipping the scales in recruiters’ favor in an increasingly competitive market. Messaging syncs to existing ATS to integrate workflows and past records seamlessly, allowing recruiters and sales teams to send both customizable broadcast messages and personalized texts to all of their candidates on one thread, from one number, keeping things consistent and clear for everyone. Because recruiters can broadcast messages to candidates instantaneously, they can easily increase the number of touchpoints and personal connections with their candidates and ultimately facilitate more placements in less time.

The Numbers Are In

Recruiters who use Messaging are 30 percent more productive and find that candidates respond to more than 50 percent of messages, three times faster than on other platforms.

Who knew that texting could do so much!

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What do these numbers add up to? Most importantly happy, loyal contractors. And what do happy, loyal contractors mean? Repeat customers. Messaging represents an evolved communication strategy that does wonders for a staffing firm’s redeployment rates, improving them by double-digit percentages—a huge determining factor in increasing bottom lines.

Sense has built something unique in staffing, a credit to the founding team’s diverse and complementary skills in software, staffing, and data science. We are giving staffing agencies the ability to create long term and hyper-personal connections with all of their contractors, at scale. Sense Engage, our consolidated communication and analytics platform, integrates with ATS seamlessly to blend with staffing agencies’ existing processes eliminating the need for patchwork SaaS products that each serve only one purpose. Sense Messaging accesses contextual information from Sense Engage to deliver the strongest way to reach the contingent workforce that is expected to balloon to 43 percent of the entire US workforce next year.

See how Messaging works here.

A Look at What’s Ahead

Our customers have had only a taste of the exponential benefits that technology can bring to the staffing industry, and we plan to keep building solutions that empower our customers to meaningfully engage with their candidates and contractors. As we continue to scale our company and offerings, customer success—helping our customers win more clients, increasing their capabilities, and promoting their overall growth is always top of mind.

We come to work each day excited to develop new ways to help people find success in their careers. Come find your own career at Sense - we’re hiring!

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