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Source more candidates at the top of the funnel... with texting?

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Alexandra Kane
July 27, 2023

Your staffing firm is probably pulling out all the stops to source more candidates at the top of the funnel right now. Building awareness and affinity for your brand and generating interest in your job posts is a top priority in such a tight market.

Your recruitment marketing strategy probably includes several (or all) of the following:

Job boards

In addition to your own job board / ATS, you’re likely investing in posts to sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Careerbuilder and more.

Email marketing

Depending on how long your firm has been in business, your candidate database could include thousands (or more) of email addresses.

Social media

Beyond posting jobs, your staffing firm is likely sharing blog posts and other helpful content on social media to add value and build trust with candidates.

When you look at these elements more carefully, they follow a bit of a pattern.

  • Candidates apply through a job board (they may or may not end up getting a job)
  • They are entered into your ATS and receive your email newsletters
  • They may or may not see your social media posts (either by your corporate accounts or on LinkedIn from your recruiters)
  • Candidates see new job postings and apply, OR
  • Candidates drop off and find an opportunity with another firm

This cycle is pretty standard for many staffing firms today, with a startlingly high attrition rate for candidates. Our research found that up to 9 out of 10 candidates only complete a single placement with staffing firms before moving on. Many other candidates show initial interest, only to drop off.

The rest continue through the cycle, with fewer and fewer candidates being retained and re-entering the cycle. This means you’ll need more investment to bring more candidates in and keep a steady stream in motion.

But does it really have to be this way?

In short, no. It shouldn’t be this way at all. With the right strategy and technology, your retention rate should skyrocket. While you’ll always want to attract more candidates to your firm, you’ll likely experience dramatic increases in revenue by increasing the number of candidates who stay in your funnel. And by increasing redeployment among placed contractors.

It’s time to rethink your strategy.

Job boards, emails and social media are all powerful tactics, when implemented as part of a cohesive strategy. And if you’ve been reading any staffing headlines lately (including -- and especially -- our own), you probably know that texting is a major trend right now.

With good reason. Texting allows you to reach your candidates where they spend their time -- on their phones. And with short, actionable messages that keep you top of mind and nurture what can be a fragile relationship.  

As a standalone, texting gets results. As part of a strategic nurture sequence, texting is extremely potent.

Let’s take a look at a sample nurture sequence, and how this may play out for your staffing firm:

  1. Candidate sees a social media post or ad with one of your job listings (there are SO many options here for first touch; this is just a sample)
  2. Candidate clicks to view the job posting and decides to apply using your ATS
  3. Your ATS automatically sends an email thanking the candidate for applying and letting that person know you’ll be in touch
  4. A few hours (maybe the next day -- this will vary) later, your recruiter sends the candidate a text to let that person know that their resume is under review and they’ll be in touch
  5. The next day, a text message is sent to the candidate to schedule a phone interview

From there, texting continues to nurture candidate engagement throughout your hiring process, as the candidate moves through from the top of your funnel.

Americans check their phones 80 times per day, so by integrating texting into your strategy, you increase the likelihood of a quick response, while simultaneously building trust with candidates who have yet to really get to know your brand.  

This all sounds great, but also complicated!

The sequence above may sound great, but it may also sound time consuming. Who’s writing and sending all these texts? Who has the time to do all of this?

That’s where Sense comes in. Our team of staffing and people tech leaders developed the Sense platform to make it easier for recruiters and staffing firms to build and nurture human relationships.

Yes, we believe the key to more, better human relationships in staffing is technology. So we’ve created the most cutting-edge, intuitive technology available. Create and send messages using our texting tool, then our AI and automation tools empower your recruiters to spend less time planning, writing and sending and more time talking, meeting, and doing.

The best way to understand how Sense seamlessly integrates into your staffing firm, helping you build better, stronger candidate and contractor relationships and dramatically increasing productivity, is to walk through our platform. Our team is comprised of staffing industry experts who just happen to know a lot about technology. So when we walk you through Sense, we explain how it will make your life easier, helping you to envision what this powerful platform can do specifically for your firm.

Schedule your demo today to learn more.

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