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The difference between AI and automation (and what’s right for you)

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Devon Kerns
July 27, 2023

Scan just about any list of top priorities for staffing firms this year, and you’re likely to see artificial intelligence (AI) and automation near the top. But these terms are more than industry buzzwords used to get clicks; they are game-changing technologies that are transforming the staffing industry.

AI and automation work together in the Sense platform to help staffing firms get results. But while they are often referenced in tandem, they are actually unique technologies with standalone benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at AI and automation, and how they fit into the future of your staffing firm >>

AI - An Introduction

The literal definition of artificial intelligence, or AI, is

the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

AI allows machines to learn from experience and adjust, and to perform previously-human tasks, with fewer errors and faster expediency.

By this introduction, it’s definitely easy to see how this can be a game changer. Imagine the hundreds of hours your recruiters spend each month on repetitive tasks. Now put those saved hours back into your business and its most mission-critical tasks.


Powerful, right?

Taking a closer look at AI, here is how our platform integrates AI recruiting to help staffing firms build and nurture better relationships and ultimately, increase ROI:

Fill the gaps on candidates.

Sense uses AI to search for more information on candidate background, interests and more to create a better, more complete picture of your talent. This all happens in just a few seconds, allowing you to spend time in interviews asking questions that lead to a better fit rather than probing for more background information.  

Find, recruit and schedule candidates.

Your recruiters set the criteria for desired candidates to fill a position. Then, AI gets to work, finding appropriate candidates, review their resumes then using automation (I’ll get to that more in a bit) to contact those candidates and schedule interviews.

Build stronger candidate relationships.

Are your contractors happy? I hate to say it, but most aren’t. We talk about this a lot, but our research found that a majority of candidates are only placed once by a staffing firm. Redeployment is a massive area of potential for so many firms.

And candidate ghosting is a growing problem for staffing firms across the country. Things seem great in the interview, candidates accept the job...and then they never show up on their scheduled first day.

Candidate ghosting can also kill client relationships. It’s a damaging trend for sure.  

And both of these hinge on contractor care. Build stronger contractor relationships, make them feel valued, and you are much more likely to continue that relationship.

Sense uses AI to examine data and use predictive analytics to figure out whether your contractors are happy, whether they’re even interested in redeployment, or whether they’re likely to pick up and move to the competition.

Help make redeployment a strength.

Rather than an area for improvement. Your candidate database is a treasure trove of information, but with hundreds or even thousands of candidates over the years, you would need to have a super memory in order to remember the backgrounds of all of them.

AI knows the strengths, skills and experience of all your candidates. It scans them in an instant, and matches them to new jobs. And again teasing automation, it can then automatically reach out to those candidates with personalized messages to begin the process.  


Automation - An Introduction

We automate things all the time. We push a button on the dishwasher or the washing machine at night so that the dishes and clothes are clean by the time we wake up. We set our coffee maker so that a fresh pot is ready when we wake up.

These are small examples that save time and add convenience to our lives.  

For the staffing industry, automation saves time, but more importantly, it can lead to substantial business growth. And there is tremendous potential for this technology to help many staffing firms. Research shows that about 2/3 of staffing firms don’t automate a majority of their tasks.

Here is how automation in the Sense platform helps staffing firms grow their businesses:

Reduce errors.

Busy employees are more likely to make mistakes now and again. We are all human, and we all make mistakes. But mistakes big and small add up, and their impact on a business can be dramatic. Automation replicates actions effortlessly, without the need to re-enter information or misremember details.


Save time.

Have you spoken to your recruiters recently about the tasks that fill their days? A vast majority of them can be automated, freeing them to spend more time making personal connections with candidates. Our research shows that Sense clients save up to 30% of their time with our automation tools. That’s the equivalent of adding two and a half hours to every workday, for every recruiter!

Nurture relationships.

New candidate relationships are tenuous. They’re getting to know and trust you, and keeping the process smooth while maintaining regular communication is critical. Once you’ve made the placement, staying in touch with contractors lets them know they’re valued. Automation allows you to easily, regularly communicate with thousands of contractors -- without spending hours on emails or phone calls.

Rather than replacing your personal relationships, it stokes them, tracking your notes and automatically reaching out to candidates at important times (using AI -- see how these two technologies work together?). The result is powerful. More, better, real-life conversations with talent, all driven by automation.

Now what?

Now that you understand the difference between AI and automation and how they can impact your staffing firm, it’s time to see them in action. Our team of specialists understands the staffing industry, and will walk you through the technology, and help you integrate it successfully to grow your business.

Schedule your demo now to dig in and see AI and automation in action.

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