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The scariest thing for your staffing firm is the most important

Posted by
Alexandra Kane
July 27, 2023

Being a business owner can be scary sometimes. There are challenges and potential hurdles, seemingly around every corner. Sometimes they turn out to be less scary than you thought. Other times, they simply need to be addressed in order to demystify them. 

Kind of like that super tall roller coaster at the amusement park. You know it’s going to be fun, but you still have a lump in your throat as you gaze up at its enormity. Once you’ve ridden the coaster, it’s not nearly as scary.

But you still screamed the whole time 🎢

Research shows that staffing firms are focusing almost universally on the same two priorities:

  1. Candidate acquisition
  2. Candidate engagement

Nothing too surprising there. Your staffing firm is probably working on initiatives for those priorities at this moment. 

But, and you may want to grab onto something for this, what if I told you that the most important thing you can do for your staffing firm is something that’s...well...scary? 

Something that deep down you’ve probably known about for awhile, but have put off?

And that it’s something that will heavily impact your ability to deliver on those Top 2 priorities?

In fact, it surprisingly came in as the Number 3 priority for staffing firms: 

Digital transformation

When you think about this change and what it entails: 

  • revamping operations,
  • overhauling existing systems even if they are antiquated, and
  • retraining the team on best practices,

digital transformation seems daunting at best, terrifying, at worst.

What does digital transformation mean for today’s staffing firms? 

Although the notion of digital transformation has long been associated with “going paperless,” we’ve evolved well past that stage for the staffing industry. 

Today, digital transformation refers to the use of technology to solve business problems. For the context of this blog, we’ll apply digital transformation to those first two priorities: Candidate acquisition and candidate engagement. 

Why should I overcome my fears and invest in digital transformation? 

While we certainly keep an eye on industry trends here on the Sense team, we would never make a recommendation for your staffing firm merely to stay on top of trends. Put simply, research (ours and others’) shows that staffing firms investing in digital transformation (in particular, our clients) are seeing dramatic ROI gains

Why is digital transformation so impactful for staffing firms? Well, for starters…

It’s scalable.

In other words, it can solve a bunch of your problems. For example, digital solutions can quickly post the same job posting on multiple boards, post engaging content across multiple social media channels, and can quickly assess when a candidate is finishing up a contract role and may be ready for redeployment. 

It saves time.

And time is money. Today’s technology allows you to send mass emails, schedule follow-up notes, and with a powerful applicant tracking system (ATS), receive notifications when candidates are ready for redeployment.

Put another way, today’s most innovative digital solutions allow you to automate repetitive or mindless tasks so that you and your recruiters can focus on real, personal interactions. 

It catches you up. 

Candidates are using their phones to get a ride, order food, and apply for jobs. Oh, and about a million other tasks. Oh, and it’s not just candidates, it’s everyone. You, your recruiters, your clients. Everyone is using a smartphone, and everyone is using it to communicate it new ways. 

The tech has caught up so that the staffing industry can now engage talent in powerful ways, where they are spending their time. By investing in digital transformation, your staffing firm is catching up to so many other industries that are connecting with customers through their phones. 

Okay, I’m on board and ready to embrace digital transformation for my staffing what? 

Digital transformation can encompass as much or as little as you want for your staffing firm. But understanding how digital transformation can specifically impact your staffing firm can be challenging. Take a peek at all that the Sense platform can do for your staffing firm, then schedule a demo with one of our Customer Success Managers to get specific about your goals and learn how to take the next step. We’re here to help. 

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