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The topics that mattered most to YOU in 2019

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Alexandra Kane
July 27, 2023

Wow, 2019 went by in a FLASH, didn’t it? Here at Sense, we were working constantly behind the scenes, and in front -- meeting and speaking with our clients, staying on top of industry trends, and continuously working to improve and add to our robust platform. 

The end of the year provides an excellent opportunity to take a “big picture” perspective and look back. Each day as we scroll through social or peruse headlines, we may not be entirely aware of what draws us in, what provides value and what we find interesting. 

So, based on the performance of our top blog posts in 2019, allow us to share with you some of the topics that you found most important and interesting in 2019: 

Texting, texting and more texting

You may not be surprised to find that texting is still very much top of mind in the staffing industry. While we launched our Messaging platform, which empowers staffing firms with texting capabilities, we also shared a considerable number of resources that were among our top performers this year. 

From the text messages you should be sending to candidates and contractors to our Ultimate Guide to Texting and Recruiting, you devoured content on this timely topic. If you haven’t noticed, we love 😍 emojis around here, and so do our clients (and their candidates). You have been flocking to our post on emoji usage and trends in 2019. Our PMM Katie Rubak and Vaco’s Ali Donnel tackled texting in a recent webinar. The recap blog post digging into some of the key takeaways was also a high performer, with insights to help you text like a human

Getting the most ROI from your candidate database

Database marketing is a particularly hot topic that has come on strong in Q4, and our content around this topic quickly surged to the top of the list, even with just a few months left in the year! As more staffing firms are seeking ways to leverage the data and talent they already have, database marketing is empowering them to do just that, while reaping the financial rewards. 

We first asked you to think about what could be “hiding” in your candidate database back in August. Re-engaging dormant candidates rose to the top of the pack, with actionable advice you can use to increase redeployment. And more recently, you’ve been interested in learning how forward-thinking staffing firms are strategically using candidate data

How technology can make your life easier

Automation and AI have been on the radar of staffing firms for awhile now, and they remain hot topics. Their ability to help you navigate some of the other topics here cannot be understated. AI and automation are empowering staffing firms to leverage their databases, send personalized text messages to candidates, and so much more. We dug into AI and automation, plus more on maximizing technology, throughout 2019. 

As an introduction, understanding AI and automation -- and importantly, their differences -- was near the top of our list for 2019. As we dug into how you can leverage technology to get results for your staffing firm, those topics were also devoured. From choosing the right staffing technology partners (never vendors!) to using analytics to land more contracts (going beyond contractor and candidate engagement) and mastering implementation of technology, you demonstrated your commitment to really getting the most bang for your technology buck. 

Better leveraging your contingent workers

This fall, we released a report on our study together with on managing the liquid workforce.  With insights to help you maximize your investment in contractors, freelancers, consultants, part-time employees and other members of the liquid workforce, you couldn’t get enough information on this hot topic. 

Between examining what’s working for successful businesses (and why), and what’s next for the liquid workforce (plus more), we examined several angles to help you maximize your talent investment in 2019 and beyond. 

What’s next in 2020? 

While these were some of the most popular topics of 2019, they’re not going away anytime soon. In fact, database marketing is poised to become even bigger in 2020. But what else will make next year’s list? Do you have any predictions? 

While we have a year before next year’s recap, our team is hard at work on innovations and advancements to help drive the conversation in 2020 and beyond. To see firsthand our technology and how it can impact your staffing firm in the New Year, schedule a demo with our team today.

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