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This is where many staffing firms drop the ball on talent engagement

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Alexandra Kane
July 27, 2023

With any number of client reqs and candidates in the pipeline, while sales works on landing new clients, every department of your staffing firm is firing on all cylinders on any given day. While everyone is seemingly moving full speed ahead on the tasks on their plates, it can be difficult to be sure everyone is on the same page. 

We’ve talked about creating a seamless experience, and building powerful talent journeys a bit here on the Sense blog. Your talent journeys begin from the first touchpoint candidates have with your staffing firm, and continue throughout the hiring process and their contractor relationship with your firm. Using automation, every touchpoint for your talent can be personalized and timed to send the right message at the right times. There is ample opportunity for staffing firms to create powerful, seamless experiences across the board.

Your team journey impacts your talent journey

Today, more staffing firms than ever recognize the importance of a seamless talent journey. Your talent wants to feel valued and important. Consistent, personalized touchpoints using an omni channel approach create powerful talent journeys that can dramatically impact your placement, redeployment and ghosting rates. 

But creating and continuously nurturing a seamless talent journey actually begins within your team. In fact, your team journey has a profound impact on your candidate and contractor experiences. With teams maxed out on bandwidth and to-dos, it can be difficult to impossible to ensure everyone is on the same page, all the time. 

This is where many staffing firms drop the ball

Many staffing firms today are taking that step toward implementation of robust talent engagement software. They recognize the importance of a seamless, positive candidate experience, and are focusing on implementation of the right technology.

But quite often, implementation of new staffing technology addresses recruiter needs only. Or perhaps sales. It acts as if your team is compartmentalized in silos, operating independently of each other. In fact, integration and sharing is critical to success and ultimately, growth for your staffing firm. 

Fractured operations can negatively impact talent journeys through:


When one arm isn’t talking to the other arm, you risk redundancy in your talent communications. Or potentially worse, redundancy in collecting information. There are few things that exasperate and turn off talent more than having to send the same information multiple times, or receiving the same email from multiple people. 

Communication gaps

“Wait, I thought you followed up!” “No, I swear you said you were going to.” 

When your entire team isn’t on the same page, it becomes significantly easier for individuals (and even teams) to drop the ball. Particularly with communications. The result is almost always to the detriment of your talent experience (candidates and contractors) or event client or prospect experience. In zero cases is this good for business. 

Dragging process

No one has patience today for a slow hiring process. In addition to communication gaps, lack of automation and communication between key departments can bring your hiring and onboarding processes to a complete standstill. Not only does this kill your internal productivity, it can lead directly to ghosting (during interviews or the first day of a new gig for talent, dropping off the face of the Earth for clients or prospects). The impact on your bottom line could be drastic. 

Enter: Sense Team Journeys.

Team journeys keep your recruiters, contractor care, and operations teams on the same page. They enable and empower the critical teams across your staffing firm to stay aligned on shared goals across job functions, keep a finger on the pulse of employee engagement and streamline employee communications at scale. 

Regular, internal messages include communication over a prescribed onboarding period and automated guidance for new managers communicating with clients and new business. With Sense Team Journeys, you support the team workflow, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and freed up to focus on placing the right talent in the right jobs.

Sense journeys helps you define and implement personalized communications for all these journeys. Few organizations have the time to nurture and engage talent, clients/prospects and internal team members at every critical juncture in their journeys. 

Is your team journey impacting your talent? 

If this is the first time you’ve thought about how your team journey could be impacting your talent relationships, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to visualize how a structured Team Journey can impact your operations, processes and ultimately, your bottom line. To see Sense Talent Journeys in action and learn more about our platform, schedule a demo with a member of our team. We are here to help!

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