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What’s it going to take to succeed in 2020?

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Katie Rubak, Product Marketing Manager
July 27, 2023

Here at Sense, we’re always looking forward. It’s truly the Golden Age of Staffing, and there’s unparalleled opportunity in our industry. It really is exciting, isn’t it? 

We’ve shared quite a few resources to help you succeed in 2020 already—ICYMT:

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Many staffing firms are still in the “honeymoon phase” of 2020. Basking in the glow of a new year and new possibilities. It’s a great feeling!  We’re still basking in the glow of 2019 ourselves; a year filled with new growth, customers, team members, and countless new features, updates, and improvements that made the Sense platform a category leader for the last two quarters in a row on G2 and Capterra. But there’s no time to dwell in the past, because we’re moving full steam ahead. 

Where forward-thinking staffing firms are focusing in 2020

The most successful staffing firms continue to be at the forefront of trends and technologies that propel growth and nurture client, candidate and employee relationships. And of course, they’re using Sense as their engagement hub, leveraging our technology to better maximize their team and their results. How exactly? Here are just a few ways forward-thinking staffing firms are going all-in for 2020:

They’re going beyond candidate experience

Candidate experience will always be critical to the growth of your staffing firm. Today’s talent doesn’t just want engagement, they demand it. 

But today’s most successful staffing firms aren’t just prioritizing candidate experience. They’re applying those same principles (and technology) to deliver outstanding client experiences

This is one of those “OH YEAAAHH” moments where you realize you could have been doing this all along. Don’t beat yourself up. There are only so many places you can focus your attention!

In 2020, though, one of those places should be your clients (new and soon-to-be). Applying the same strategy to your client experience that you do to your candidates’ can help dramatically increase revenue from your current clients—while simultaneously adding new prospective clients to your funnel 💵

What does a strong client experience look like in 2020? We’re glad you asked! Together with our friends at ClearEdge Marketing, we put together an essential guide to client experience that lays out the fundamentals. Check it out and ping us with any questions. We’re happy to help! 

They’re taking FULL advantage of their databases

There are probably thousands (or millions!) of candidates in your database laying dormant. After all, who has the time to reach out to every single applicant you’ve ever had? But when you add up the costs of new talent acquisition, better leveraging the candidates you’ve ALREADY acquired just makes sense. 

Since 50% of the respondents to your job postings are likely already in your database, there’s an awful lot of time, resources and $$$ you can save simply by leveraging database automation to re-engage and reactivate dormant talent. 

Yea, we’re talking about that “a” word again. With automation, getting the most out of your database doesn’t mean putting a full-time employee in charge of sending thousands of emails or making a litany of phone calls. It means leveraging technology to automatically reach out to talent and update their information and availability for you. 

There is SO much potential (and $$$) sitting in your database. Check out our webinar replay for insights and actionable advice from Sense’s Katie Rubak and Infinity Consulting Solutions’ Jeff Pelliccio for even more tips and tricks. 

They’re strategically leveraging texting

Text recruiting is a huge trend right now, but without a real strategy you’re shooting in the dark 

(and definitely not getting the ROI you could be). Breaking through the hype to create and understand strategic process changes and implementation while leveraging technology can feel overwhelming. That’s why some staffing firms prefer to stagnate and let their recruiters text talent on their personal phones. 

When that happens, though, you run the risk of your recruiters taking talent with them if they leave (not to mention the potential compliance issues). There’s always the nailbiter potential of the wrong text being sent to the wrong person (hey, we’ve all done it). And of course, you miss out on one of the most powerful tools staffing firms have today. A tool that’s empowering better business decisions and ultimately dramatically impacting revenue:


You can’t measure personal texts. It’s anecdotal evidence at best. Forward-thinking staffing firms understand the importance of data, and the necessity of technology to save time, streamline efforts and gather all of that important information in one place. 

But back to texting strategies. At the heart of a strong strategy is strong CONTENT. After all, your firm is staffed by humans, and you’re communicating with human beings. 

So it stands to reason that you should text like one too!

What does it even mean to “text like a human,” though? Check this out for some great, easy-to-implement advice. 

And to navigate the confusing and complicated waters of texting from A to Z, check out our Ultimate Guide to Texting and Recruiting. It’s a LONG one, but that’s because it’s jam packed with real advice you can use right now. 

Innovative staffing firms rely on Sense

It’s a pretty huge honor for all of us here at Sense. We continue to invest in our platform and deliver the best possible experience (and results) for our client partners. Sense technology can fuel all of these trends and SO. MUCH. MORE. to help you take your staffing firm to the next level in 2020. To learn more and see Sense in action, schedule a demo with one of our team members

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