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Who really owns your talent journeys (and how to help them)

Posted by
Alexandra Kane
July 27, 2023

We are in a candidate's’ market, with numerous staffing firms clamoring for attention from clients.

Savvy and successful staffing firms are paying attention to the talent journey and are leveraging it to win the ever-present “talent war.”

Wait, paying attention to...what?

Talent journeys. The literal paths your candidates take from the moment they first interact with your brand to the moment they are first placed (and ideally, continually redeployed with your firm).

Recruitment has evolved.

Your candidates begin their talent journeys with your organization long before they view job postings or submit resumes.

For many years, the recruitment process followed a linear path. Candidates viewed a job, applied, interviewed and were placed.

On to the next!

That process is no longer working with today’s talent. Candidates need more attention than ever before, especially before they are placed. The process of hiring a candidate can take many months (sometimes longer), and has multiple phases.

Each stage in a candidate’s lifecycle has its own narrative. Staffing firms need to communicate with candidates according to where they are in their lifecycle.

The reality of today’s candidates.

The nature of today’s candidates is what makes mapping their talent journey even more important. They’re selective, they bounce around to whoever delivers them the best candidate experience and the best jobs.

They’re armed with more knowledge and intelligence than ever. And they have a plethora of choices. Staffing firms today have their work cut out for them.

But, you still need to deliver quality candidates to your clients quickly.

From instant information to reminders, there are more reasons that recruiters need to reach out to candidates than ever before, and through many more channels, This makes consistency, data collection, and personalization difficult.

How can you reach your candidates throughout the lifecycle with targeted messaging that engages and drives action? Help your recruiters be better.

Take ownership of your talent journeys.

With staffing technology and buzzwords evolving at a rapid pace, you may not have given much thought to mapping your candidate full lifecycle with your firm. But your candidates are moving along those journeys with or without your participation.

In other words, your team needs to own your talent journeys - not just you.

But how can you help them?

Before talent will engage with your brand, they need:

  • Awareness of who you are
  • Details of how you can help them
  • A feeling of trust or belief that you are a good fit for their needs

Development of a strong candidate engagement strategy is top of mind but you need your team to execute on it. And frankly, they are really busy.

Sense Talent Journeys help staffing firms take ownership and get results.

Sense Talent Journeys are roadmaps of personal communication for every candidate in your database. Each personal communication is delivered at scale and customized with real-time data to provide a rich, engaging interaction with your talent. These messages are delivered on behalf of your recruiters and help them deliver a consistent, high quality candidate experience.

Candidates want to be engaged, but not engaged to death. Sense Talent Journeys uses data and insights to craft customized, optimized plans for engagement at every stage, and for every candidate.

How do Sense Talent Journeys work?

The candidate lifecycle is rife with data that should act as a trigger for communications from your firm. Each Sense Talent Journey automatically uses any one of those triggers to deliver a sequence of email messages or texts based specifically on that moment in the candidate lifecycle.

These messages are automatically customized using data from your ATS so that every message is relevant and feeling personal. Plus Sense delivers it at the best possible time to increase engagement and encourage response.

From the moment a candidate is put into your ATS, your recruiters can easily start to build and nurture strong relationships with personalized, thoughtful email and SMS interactions - and they don’t have to add to their already long to-do list.

With Sense Talent Journeys doing all the heavy lifting for your recruiters, the technology ensures nothing falls through the cracks. And it frees up your team to spend their time in the most rewarding and impactful way - having real conversations with real people.

Since Sense Talent Journeys works in the background using your data and custom triggers to initiate communication, and then captures the engagement data you need to optimize your recruitment process. Finally, understand the real ROI of candidate engagement.

Put talent journeys to work for your staffing firm.

We’re happy to show you how Sense Talent Journeys can work with your ATS and processes to create a better candidate experience while improving the productivity of your recruiters.

Contact us here to schedule a demo with one of our strategists.







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