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How Recruiting Chatbots Help Maximize your Resources

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Alexandra Kane
July 27, 2023

Although maximizing resources has always been a priority for staffing firms, it has seemingly never been more important. With teams still spread between the office and remote locations (and in many cases, still fully remote), your ability to help drive productivity and reduce stress for your recruiters is paramount. 

Technology is at the heart of reaching both of those goals -- productivity and reduced stress. 

It’s such an odd time right now, because while the tables have turned a bit and recruiting is, in theory, sitting in the catbird seat, the candidate-focused recruitment trends that directly precede this time in our history haven’t disappeared. That means candidates still expect you to create seamless, engaging experiences.

They will compare your candidate experience to that of your competition (because top talent will ALWAYS be in demand). 

And they still expect you to bring your ‘A’ game, regardless of what’s going on in the world. We’ve talked quite a bit on the blog about candidate engagement through texting, creating a seamless, omnichannel experience and much more. 

Today, I want to talk about another technological innovation that is empowering recruiters and creating exceptional candidate experiences: Recruiting chatbots. 

Here at Sense, we are extremely excited to announce our Recruiting Chatbot, Reva, that launches this fall. The Recruiting Chatbot was carefully designed by our team of staffing industry experts to seamlessly integrate a conversational AI assistant into our already-powerful System of Engagement. 

To help you understand recruiting chatbots and envision how Reva can help your staffing firm survive and thrive, here’s an introduction to recruiting chatbots ⏬

What is a recruiting chatbot?

Without a doubt, you’ve encountered chatbots throughout your daily surfing and scrolling. Most often, it’s a little popup in the bottom right corner of websites. It’ll usually ask you if you need help with anything or have any questions. 

If you’ve engaged with those chatbots, you’ll find that it responds to you like a human being. Another term that’s used when talking about chatbots is “conversational assistant.” That’s because chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to craft conversational responses to the questions and statements you enter into the chat box.

Pretty neat, isn’t it? 

Although most people understand they’re essentially talking to a computer (or a robot, if the visual helps 🤣), the natural flow of conversations leaves a positive impression, when chatbots are well executed. At the proper point (if it becomes necessary), the chat moves to an actual member of --- most often -- the sales team for follow up. Of course, in this instance, recruiters would be stepping in at the appropriate juncture.

Why would my staffing firm use a recruiting chatbot?  

There are more candidates looking for work now than longer than many of us can remember. That means your recruiters are absolutely BURIED with volume. 

At the same time, your recruiters are expected to deliver only the most exceptional talent so that your clients are happy. It’s the core of what you do! But with recruiters dealing with a stressful situation, most often working from home AND dealing with more volume than ever, delivering exceptional talent experiences while maintaining productivity has become increasingly difficult. 

At the same time (and as I mentioned above), talent still expects clear, engaging communication that is delivered 24/7 -- in other words, whenever they are looking for it. When well executed, a recruiting chatbot will:

  • Reduce candidate acquisition cost, by requiring fewer hours spent per candidate in order to make a placement. 
  • Shorten time-to-fill, with automated, intelligent messages and conversations that move talent through the process, regardless of time or day.
  • Improve response times versus other channels -- the conversational assistant responds immediately with the next question or statement to keep the conversation flowing.
  • Reduce unconscious bias, by collecting key information automatically, without recruiter-candidate interaction in the early stages.

Now more than ever, the staffing firms that move fast are the ones who win. Adding a chatbot to your recruitment tech arsenal is a game changer.

What can a recruiting chatbot actually do?

Adding a recruiting chatbot to your recruitment tech stack won’t inherently change your business. To maximize this tool to get transformative results, it’s important to understand what a conversational AI assistant like Reva can do and how it can seamlessly integrate into your recruiting operations. 

To start, a recruiting chatbot can…

Handle screening, scheduling and inbound demand

Sense Recruiting Chatbot can automate top of funnel activities to prescreen and schedule interviews automatically, all conversationally (thanks to the power of AI). A recruiting chatbot can collect contact and hiring information, and also answer FAQs about job openings and your application process. To accelerate hiring, a solution like Reva can even match candidates to individual jobs with basic job matching.

Now more than ever, recruiters understand the unconscious biases that can influence decisions, particularly early in the recruitment process. Since a recruitment chatbot can prescreen and schedule interviews automatically, it can dramatically reduce the impact of unconscious bias on your recruiting efforts. 

When a conversational AI assistant is added to your website, your recruiting chatbot will even answer common help inquiries from candidates and contractors, recording conversations in a single place.

Enhance your data enrichment and reactivation strategy

Whether there are 100 candidates or 1,000, finding the right candidate for a particular role often requires sorting through a bunch of “no’s” and “maybe’s.” And with recruiters already overburdened and budgets stretched, spending thousands of dollars on new candidate acquisition can really tax your infrastructure. 

Re-engaging dormant candidates is an especially important part of the recruitment strategy for successful staffing firms right now. And a recruiting chatbot not only dramatically improves your dormant candidate outreach, but it also improves your data enrichment. 

Answers and conversations shared through the Sense Recruiting Chatbot are recorded back to your ATS, easily updating your team with complete information from just one interaction.

Simple, and powerful.

Amplify performance of your recruitment tech stack

The best recruitment technology solutions work with each other to subsequently improve efficiency and results across the board. Here at Sense, we are the only integrated platform to use automation and AI, texting, email and now, chatbot. Working together to help your team achieve more, faster, while building stronger candidate relationships. It is truly a sum of all parts. And it’s a game changer for staffing firms. 

Are you ready to accelerate your hiring with a 24/7 digital recruiter? Sense and Talent Board teamed up to survey 400 staffing and talent acquisition leaders around the world to understand how they are coping with the pressures of engaging qualified candidates in today’s volatile talent market.

Download the insight-packed report here!

Alternatively, you can always get in touch with our team of talent automation experts in case of any specific questions.

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