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Why we're asking you to read our blogs and understand new terms

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Alexandra Kane
July 27, 2023

Blogging requires a commitment for sure. Here at Sense, we carefully consider topics for our blog. Just as with the development of our products, everything we publish is carefully and consciously created. 

And you may have noticed that, particularly in recent months, our blog has introduced you to some new terminology. In an industry and time where things are constantly changing, it can feel a bit overwhelming to keep up with the latest terms. Some of them are developed elsewhere and shared here on the Sense blog, while others we created ourselves. 

We totally understand that it can be dizzying to keep up!

That’s why we created this blog post -- as a way to explain our thought process behind these new terms, and to even provide you with a glossary of sorts to reinforce what you’ve been reading these past few months (and will be reading in the coming months). 

Why are we doing this?!

We are on a mission to change how staffing firms engage talent. With leadership who has roots firmly entrenched in the staffing industry, we have felt the pain of disengaged talent. We have heard and seen firsthand the struggles of staffing firms to attract, retain, engage, and redeploy talent. And we’ve heard from frustrated candidates who are waiting for recruiters to show them they are valued. 

At Sense, we’re digging into an area of candidate engagement and contractor care that really hasn’t been probed much until recently. And because of our unique experience in the staffing industry, we’re able to dig in with an understanding that is missing from other tech companies. 

There’s a lot of “new” involved here at Sense. We’re digging into new technologies and new ways of looking at the relationships and processes that determine the success of your staffing firm. And when we’re talking and thinking about so much “new,” sometimes we need new terms in order to easily convey new concepts and perspectives. 

It’s important that you know we don’t spend time in meetings brainstorming new terms to confuse and confound you 👎 Instead, new terminology comes organically from the cutting-edge technology and tools we’re developing. Everything that comes from Sense, and I do mean everything, is carefully curated to ensure it meets our goal of helping you build and nurture stronger relationships with talent and clients.

Some of the new terms we’ve been using. 

Recently, you may have noticed we’ve been talking about journeys quite a bit. When we were developing our new automated workflow functionality, Sense Journeys, we determined that new terms were needed. 

When we think about journeys on a personal level, we may think about stories of heroes, where they started, where they ended up, and how they got there along the way. In our own journeys, we may have grown up in one part of the country, went to school, moved somewhere else and became a rockstar staffing firm owner. 

When we think about the literal journeys of key stakeholders in our staffing firm, there are common threads of where journeys begin, what happens along the way, and if/when they end.  

Put into terms of our platform, and using it to grow your staffing firm, Sense defines “journeys” as roadmaps that deliver sequences of personalized communication to everyone in your database.

The roadmap starts at the first touchpoint, but then what happens? Sense Journeys allows you to define journeys for key stakeholders, then use our platform to automate and personalize those journeys to build and nurture stronger relationships. 

Let’s get specific with these journeys.

Now that we’ve got a handle on the Sense notion of journeys, let’s go a step further to examine specific journeys for your staffing firm:

Talent Journey

Thinking about a talent journey rather than looking at candidates or contractors based on your immediate needs takes some adjustment. When you take a step back and think about the talent journey from first touchpoint to placement, then back to redeployment, engagement throughout their placement, and back around, you’re able to build stronger relationships. That in turn leads to more placements, more referrals and a higher redeployment rate. 

Sense Talent Journeys leverages data captured within your ATS for personalized and automated communication with every candidate, at scale. Customizable touchpoints and rich insights give staffing agencies the ability to engage with their candidates at every point of their employment cycle. Identifying strong talent is known to be the most difficult part of the job; Journeys helps recruiters stay focused on sourcing by acting as an extra team member, handling coordinating and communicating between candidate and client. 

Sales Journey

First-time prospects and long-term clients are all on their own journeys with your staffing firm. The right communications at the right times can keep relationships fresh and valued, keeping clients away from the competition. Thinking about a sales journey will overlap with your sales cycle, but addressing and optimizing sales journeys for your firm is much more personal. 

Sense Sales Journeys provide a strategy for steady, personalized communication for marketers handling both the client and contractor sides of the business. Key client engagement indicators clue account managers in to the status of their business and opportunities to improve communication. Customizable outreach including automatic updates on the hiring journey, on-assignment check-ins with hiring managers to gauge candidate performance, and post-assignment feedback provides a heightened level of service that satisfies and retains clients without increasing your account team's workload.

Team Journey

The staffing industry can be an incredibly transient one. Relationships with your employees are built beginning with Day 1 on the job. Nurturing your employees on their journeys with your company can dramatically impact your engagement and retention rates.

Sense Team Journeys enables talent acquisition and recruitment marketing teams to stay aligned on shared goals across job functions, keep a finger on the pulse of employee engagement, and streamline employee communications at scale. Regular internal messages include communication over a prescribed onboarding period and automated guidance for new managers communicating with clients and new business. Team Journeys supports the team workflow, so that everyone is on the same page and freed up to focus on placing the right talent in the right job.

Sense journeys helps you define and implement personalized communications for all these journeys. Few organizations have the time to nurture and engage talent, clients/prospects and internal team members at every critical juncture in their journeys. 

Okay, I’ll go ahead and say that it’s impossible for any staffing firm to personally communicate with these key stakeholders at every important step in their journeys! That’s why we developed Sense Journeys. Journeys not only allows you to automate personalized communications, it provides you with critical data and analytics into those relationships to help you make important decisions.

As we continue to innovate and find new ways to increase engagement and help you grow your staffing firm, you may continue to learn new terms. You can always count on the Sense team to break down new terms, products and services so that you understand not only what they mean, but how they impact your staffing firm. 

To learn more about Sense Journeys, schedule a demo with a member of our team. We are staffing industry experts, and are proud to serve as your trusted partners. We’ll help you see how Sense can integrate into your staffing operations, and how it can help you dramatically increase ROI. 

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