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Your 2020 tech planning checklist

Posted by
Alexandra Kane
July 27, 2023

Staffing leaders feel like they’re being pulled in a million directions nowadays. With so many trends, challenges and priorities vying for your attention, it can be difficult to narrow in on what truly demands your focus. 

Here’s one thing we all know -- technology, namely, digital transformation, is a major priority. 

In fact, together with our friends at Bullhorn, our research found that 80% of staffing professionals believe digital transformation will help their businesses. It’s especially interesting, because when you back up and start with digital transformation, tackling those other trends, challenges and priorities clamoring for your attention becomes much easier -- because technology unites nearly all of them

For you staffing industry vets out there, you have seen firsthand how technology has changed the landscape. I mean, the staffing industry is lightyears ahead of where it was 10, 15, 20, and especially 30 years ago. 

Now’s the time to get your staffing firm ready for 2020

If you took a peek at our article with Bullhorn, and if you’ve been paying attention to any trend reports (and especially this blog!) over the past year, technology has been a major priority for you—and will continue to be near the top of your list in the New Year. But Digital Transformation is a broad topic, so what trends merit your attention in 2020? How should you allocate your resources and energy? 

Here’s our 2020 staffing tech planning checklist—an easy-to-follow guide to top staffing technology trends that will help you plan your digital transformation strategy for the New Year👇

Trend #1 Automation

Your recruiters spend two thirds of their time on administrative tasks. With automation technology, a majority of those tasks can easily be put on autopilot. Doing so frees your recruiters to focus more of their time on the quintessential human elements that are the foundation of staffing and recruiting.  

We’ve talked a LOT about automation here on the Sense blog. A few years ago, automation was emerging as a potential game-changing powerhouse for staffing firms. Today, it’s no longer optional. It’s a fundamental component of your tech strategy. Automation helps your recruiters save time and resources, while improving candidate engagement, referrals, NPS scores, database marketing and a WHOLE lot more. 

Trend #2 Recruiting across generations

While today’s workforce comprises five generations, Millennials and Gen Z are a FORCE. In the New Year, they’ll make up 50% of your workforce. It’s most definitely time to start adjusting your recruiting strategies to attract—and ultimately land—these passionate, sharp professionals. To start, they expect immediate, personalized communications from you wherever they are—an omni channel experience that includes web, email, chat, social and text.

Once you’ve landed Gen Y and Z professionals, retaining them hinges on your ability to deliver a high-touch experience to drive loyalty. For generations that value workforce culture above salary, employers need to keep them engaged by providing intangible benefits like career coaching, training and transparent communication. 

Trend #3 Using AI as your copilot

Contrary to some popular belief, AI isn’t poised to replace recruiters. What it is doing, though, is serving as an incredibly powerful copilot, helping your team go faster and further. And working smarter. 

And since you can also leverage AI to supercharge your team (see the automation examples above—AI can intelligently collect and share data to facilitate even more powerful tasks using automation), AI is going to make your team more productive, helping you bust through your 2020 goals. 

Trend #4 Your employer brand will set you apart

Reaching increasingly demanding candidates today means embracing and strategically nurturing an employer brand that resonates. They expect an experience with your firm, and whether you consciously define your employer brand or not, one is being defined for you. Take control of the narrative and the experience you’re delivering to stand out from the pack in 2020. 

Staffing technology today allows you to build and nurture your employer brand by telling stories and leveraging them across various mediums to keep talent interested and engaged. When you back up your stories with data and technology, the impact is especially powerful.   

Ready to better leverage technology to reach your goals in 2020? 

Our team of Customer Success Managers is comprised of staffing industry experts. We help staffing firms like yours assess their current technology, and see how Sense can work with those technologies to help them reach their goals. 

To take the first step toward 2020 tech planning and tackling the trends and challenges facing your staffing firm, reach out to us and schedule a call. With our expertise, experience and especially our technology, we’ll help you rise to the pack and embrace digital transformation in 2020.

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