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Your client talent texting template starter kit

Posted by
Alexandra Kane
July 27, 2023

Now more than ever, staffing firms are seeking better, more powerful ways to communicate with talent and clients. Here at Sense, we are constantly measuring and reviewing data to determine which modes of communication are most likely to be read and even more importantly -- to receive a response.

Overwhelmingly, texting has emerged as the most potent and powerful form of communication today. And it’s really not very surprising. I mean, how many times do you check your phone everyday? 

I rest my case. 

We’re seeing more companies than ever jump on the text recruiting bandwagon, but it’s really important to understand that it’s not just texting that gets results. It’s sending the right texts. Texts that actually elicit a response. 

Over the past few years, we’ve gotten a LOT of inbound requests for texting insight and help. For the most part, staffing firms are looking for help texting talent. And that’s understandable (plus extremely beneficial!). In fact, we just posted a blog post to help your staffing firm get started with texting talent. 

If you’ve been following our blog for the past few years, you probably noticed that we’ve been posting a LOT of texting templates. That’s because strong templates, coupled with the right technology, means you don’t have to start from scratch. Rather than sitting down to individually write texts to potentially hundreds of clients, candidates and prospects, brands and even individual recruiters can use Sense to save templates and redefine efficiency.

Staffing client texting templates to help you get started

Maybe you’ve been texting talent for a bit and have seen the benefit. Or perhaps you are new to texting and can’t wait to get started, but you want to fully embrace texting all your key stakeholders. 

We’re here to help! Here are some of our favorite templates to help you send better, more effective text messages to clients. Feel free to use them as-is, or to tweak as necessary.

Current Clients

If you’re like me, you’re an equal opportunity smartphone addict -- you’re checking it throughout the workday and the evening. You’re not alone! We ALL check our phones, throughout the day. So it only makes sense for you to reach your clients on their phones -- they’re looking anyway. 😄

With so many companies continuing to work from home, or perhaps leading teams that are partially in-office and part remote, your clients are stretched even more thin than in pre-COVID times. Using text to send important information ensures that your messages reach clients where and when they need them, without requiring them to sit down and listen to a voicemail or fire up Outlook. 

Because even though they’re busy, your communications are still important! As their trusted talent management partner, they’re counting on you. By communicating via text, you’re showing them that they CAN count on you. 👍

Here are some texting templates for staffing firms to provide important information and show your clients that you’re on top of things:

Recruiting Updates

Probably the most important texts you can send a client. It is why they hired you, after all! As I mentioned earlier, clients today are pulled in even more directions than they were just a few months ago. They may not have time to read every email right away, or to check their voicemails. 

These texts show your clients that their recruiting needs are your priority, and that you are working hard to find the right match for their needs:

Hey [CLIENT], just a quick update -- we’ve got a few GREAT candidates in mind for [REQ]. I’ll shoot you an update tomorrow, but lmk if you have any questions in the meantime.

Top Candidates

Speaking of those top candidates, to make sure that your clients see and learn about them, consider sending information via text (if you have someone who’s an especially great fit, don’t be afraid to text dormant clients about great candidates as well -- it can be a fantastic way to boost business!):


Hi [CLIENT], I hope you’re well! I just talked to a fantastic [TITLE] who has some stellar experience. I know you’ve had some big needs for this skill in the past -- if you’d like to add him/her/them to your team, lmk! 


Hey [CLIENT], I’m super excited -- just spoke with a candidate who has [SKILL] background and would be a great fit for [ROLE]. Here’s a link to his/her/their resume. LMK if you want to schedule time with him/her/them.


Staying in touch once a contractor has been placed is the right thing to do, and our data shows that it can dramatically boost your client NPS. 


Hi [CLIENT] how are things going with [CONTRACTOR] today? I know he/she/they have been so excited to get started! Lmk if you need anything or have any questions. 


[CLIENT], I’m always here if you have questions about [CONTRACTOR] or need anything at all. Just shoot me a message with any questions or concerns. 


Hey [CLIENT], now that [CONTRACTOR]’s project has wrapped up, I’d love to ask a few questions to see how things went. Can I help you with anything right now? Lmk!

Net Promoter Score Surveys

Lots of people want to help and complete surveys, but we’re all just so busy. Especially now! And now, more than ever, a high NPS score can be a powerful differentiator. Texting your NPS surveys is a much more efficient way to gather input and increase your conversion rate. 

Hi [CLIENT], I know you’re slammed, but I would really appreciate it if you could share some feedback on this quick survey. We’re always looking for ways to do a better job! [LINK].

How can a solid texting strategy help your client relationships?

Our clients have leveraged Sense technology to increase revenue and make more, better placements. We are staffing industry experts, and we’re here to help you integrate our platform into your tech stack to make a real difference on the growth and success of your firm.

To learn more about how texting can help you grow your staffing firm, and to see how Sense integrates seamlessly with your ATS and internal processes, schedule a demo with our team today.

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