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Your talent texting template starter kit

Posted by
Alexandra Kane
July 27, 2023

We’ve been talking about text recruiting here on the Sense blog for awhile now. As we look for ways to not only improve communications with talent, but especially to improve responses and results, texting has quickly emerged as one of -- if not the most -- powerful ways to do just that. 

I mean just think about it, there has been a TON of research in the past few years into how often we check our phones. Anywhere from 80 or 90 to even thousands of times per day.

So in other words -- a lot. 

But, how many times do we touch or use our smartphones to actually, you know, make calls?! Or even to check emails! 

No, we’re scrolling through the internet and social media, and we’re texting. A LOT. 

It makes sense for recruiters to meet talent where they’re spending time. And research shows that response rates increase DRAMATICALLY with a texting strategy in place. Vaco, a Sense client and texting aficionado, saw some incredible results in just 30 days when implementing a texting strategy with our platform. To the tune of an 88% total inbound response rate and a 59% average contact response rate. 

Since we began writing about the power of texting a few years back, we’ve gotten a TON of inbound interest into texting. And in particular, some requests for the best-performing text templates. Because sending a text is one thing. But sending a text that gets a response is another. 

Texting templates to help you get started

Your gut has already told you that texting works, and that your staffing firm needs a strong texting strategy to reach talent. In fact, texting is a powerful sales, client management and internal comms tool, too! 

Without further ado, here are some texting templates to help you send better, more effective text messages. Feel free to use them as-is, or to tweak as necessary. 


Setting the right tone in the earliest days of your relationship with new candidates is essential. Now more than ever, candidates want to be treated like human beings, and they want to know what’s happening throughout the hiring process. Texting is a great way to “be human” while also communicating (and gathering) important information. 

Then, once a candidate is going on interviews and eventually, lands an assignment, things like directions and paperwork can be a chore. Sending job interview confirmation email is adviced-- but we simply don’t check email as often as we used to! Of course, with a high percentage of interviews and onboarding remotely now anyway, simplifying communications and processes is helpful for everyone. 

Here are some simple texts to improve the odds your paperwork is in-hand well in advance:

Interview Directions

Hey [FIRST NAME], just want to wish you good luck on your interview with [CLIENT] today 🤞! Here are some directions to [CLIENT] >> [ MAPS URL] (alt for remote interviewing: Here’s the Zoom link again).

Interview Check-in

Hi [FIRST NAME], how’d it go with [CLIENT]? I can’t wait to hear how excited they are about you! You should hear from me by [DATE] with more details -- hopefully sooner! Lmk if you have any questions.

Onboarding Paperwork

Hi [FIRST NAME], there’s a little bit of paperwork before you get started -- you can complete it here (or print it out and send us scanned copies back) 👉 [LINK]. Lmk if you have any questions! 📲

Dormant Candidates

You may be spending thousands of dollars (and lots of time/resources) on job boards, ads and more to add new candidates to your pipeline. New candidates are always great, but you can save considerable time and resources by tapping into the candidates you have already spent your hard-earned money on attracting! 

In our experience, many staffing firms have thousands of inactive or dormant candidates in their databases. They could range from candidates who applied and never moved forward, to former contractors or those who dropped out somewhere during the hiring process. Regardless, these are candidates with a familiarity of your staffing firm. You’ve got valuable data about their backgrounds and skills in your ATS. 

And they’re just waiting to hear from you. A low-key text or two can help you add these candidates back into your pipeline. Here are a few examples:

Verifying Contact Information

Hey [FIRST NAME] - I hope you’re doing well! I know it’s been awhile, so I wanted to check in and make sure this is still the best way to reach you. 

You can follow a text like this one up with one of several of the options below ⬇️

Job Openings

Hey [FIRST NAME], I know there are so many ppl looking for work right now, I wanted to share some of our current openings. Please feel free to fwd to family & friends! 🙏 [LINK]

Verifying Interest

Hi [FIRST NAME] - I hope you are safe and healthy right now! Checking in to see if you’re still open to contract [ROLE] jobs? We have some openings right now that may be a fit 👍

Happy Anniversary

Hey [FIRST NAME], I just realized that today is your 1-year anniversary working with us 🥂 Happy anniversary, and thanks for being a part of our family!

Happy Birthday

Hi [FIRST NAME], with all that’s going on in the world, I hope that you’re taking time for YOU to enjoy your birthday today! And if you’re looking for a new job right now, just ping me -- we’re hiring!


It can be easy -- especially with resources so maxed out -- to move attention to new candidates once a contractor is placed. But, with redeployment percentages far less than 10% on average (according to our research), there is AMPLE opportunity to boost your redeployment rate and subsequently, to significantly increase your revenue. 

Simply touching base with your contractors throughout their assignments can make a huge difference on that redeployment rate. Here are a few times and examples to work into your texting strategy:

First Day Check-in

Super excited for you today, [FIRST NAME]! Remember to ask for [NAME] when you arrive at [TIME]. Have a great day! 👊 

Alt while many of us are working remotely: 

Super excited for you today, [FIRST NAME]! As a reminder, [NAME] will be checking in with you via Slack at [TIME]. Have a great day! 👊 

Mid-Assignment Check-in

I’ve been thinking about you, [FIRST NAME], How are things going with [CLIENT]? If you have any questions or need anything, remember that I’m still here for you! 📲

Post-Assignment Follow-up

Hi [FIRST NAME], wow, your assignment with [CLIENT] went by so quickly! Let’s connect and break down how things went and what’s next for you. Do you have 15 minutes on [DATE] to talk?


Hi [FIRST NAME], I would really appreciate your feedback in a few short questions 🙏 Can you spare a few minutes for a quick survey? Now more than ever, we want to be sure we’re doing a great job for you! [LINK]

How could a strong texting strategy help YOUR staffing firm?

We’re super proud of the results Sense clients have gotten by leveraging our technology and team expertise. Our team is made up of staffing industry experts, and the entire Sense team is here to not only build and support a robust platform, but to help you integrate our technology into your staffing firm to get real results. 

To learn more about how texting can help you grow your staffing firm, and to see how Sense integrates seamlessly with your ATS and internal processes, schedule a demo with our team today. 

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