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Supercharge your talent engagement with recruiting AI. Use bleeding-edge AI features in Sense to streamline hiring, personalize communication, and make intelligent hiring decisions.

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Easily build with rows and blocks

Drag and drop builder effortlessly allows you to add rows and adjust column dimensions. You can add images, text, bulleted lists, maps, contact details as well as custom blocks and code snippets.

Check how your page looks in different browser sizes for true responsive control across desktop and mobile.

Host multiple domains and subdomains

Do you manage multiple brands with their own domains or recruit across different regions or locations under your main site? With the ability to map your existing or new DNS and CNAME records to domains and subdomains on Pages, you can manage multifaceted recruiting across several URLs in one place. Pages created for one brand or geography can be duplicated and rebranded for another region, allowing for style consistency across pages

Form builder with customizable fields and attributes

Gone are limited preselects from disconnected forms. Save time and create a seamless integration by bringing your own field and attributes from your existing ATS. Or configure them in Sense’s in product TRM.

Decide which fields can be accessed by your site visitors via intuitive drop downs, multi-select values, typeahead, or simply free text input. Forms are dropped into pages natively inside the builder.

Automate lead assignment rules

Do your teams of recruiters and sourcers manage leads across different territories, employment types, or expertises?

With configurable lead assignment rules, you can automate who owns and manages inbound leads from your pages and forms.

Add as many or as few rules you need to navigate the ever changing recruitment landscape.

Create candidates with native ATS integration

Traditional CRMs are notorious for poor connectivity with HRIS and ATS. Sense Pages changes that with one click candidate record creation inside your destination ATS or with our in house Candidate Management tool.

Sense Pages connects with most major ATSs and new integrations are added regularly.

Build leads list and automate the follow through

Need more than manual 1:1 lead interactions? Create flows with the full power of the Sense platform to make the most of the first touch point.

Add leads to automated emails, chatbots, or text message follow ups, and see auto updated status changes as your leads move through the funnel.

Works with your Sense Platform

Need to add a chatbot to a page? Interested in usage analytics? Want to track how many conversations were created from your leads? As in integrated product, Sense Pages works with all your existing platform solutions subscriptions.

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