Job Matching Bot

Land quality talent while decreasing time-to-hire

Use AI and automation to match candidates to the right jobs 24/7. Create better experiences while improving core metrics and increasing recruiter productivity up to 50%.

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Fill jobs faster

Job Matching Bot answers candidate questions and leverages AI to match candidates to appropriate jobs. Candidates can apply while talking to the chatbot and provide all required details including uploading their resume.

Improve recruiter efficiency

Leverage AI and automation to qualify candidates so that recruiters can spend more time on meaningful 1:1 conversations – up to 50% more time.

Create better candidate experiences

Job Matching Bot puts the right jobs and information at the fingertips of candidates, empowering them to apply for their preferred roles with less friction.

Maximize recruiting ROI

Re-engage passive candidates by automatically sending them relevant jobs based on their skills and preferences. Reactivation decreases job board spending while improving core metrics like time-to-hire and recruiting efficiency.

Accelerate your hiring

See how 900+ companies hire faster with Sense.

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