Boost new hire engagement with Sense Onboarding

A powerful new capability for Sense TRM users

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Boost New Hire Engagement & Reduce Drop-offs

Craft delightful onboarding plans for new hires

Create delightful journeys and add multiple touchpoints to educate, make introductions, and collect information.

Collect & verify documents

Make collection and verification of documents from new employees a breeze with efficient workflows and automation.

Serve a superior personalized experience at scale

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all onboarding approaches. Personalize onboarding journeys based on department, location, seniority, or other crucial factors.

Reduce post offer drop-offs with candidate engagement

Engage candidates through our automated, omnichannel candidate engagement suite, ensuring their excitement remains high and their transition into your organization is seamless.

The impact


lower new-hire drop-offs


faster document collection


better new-hire experience

India’s most innovative companies trust Sense to transform their hiring

Reduce drop-offs in the post-offer stage by offering a wonderful employee experience.