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Recruit and retain a talented manufacturing workforce, fast

Attract manufacturing candidates in volume and velocity with AI-powered talent engagement. Capture applicants with modern recruiting methods such as QR codes, text-to-apply, and website chatbots. Convert interested job seekers with a seamless, mobile-first experience, automated screening, and interview scheduling.

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Qualify and screen applicants for your manufacturing business in minutes

Assist your general, warehouse, operations, and logistic managers by taking screening applicants off their plate. Screen 100% of your applicants within minutes. Instantly capture relevant information and ask tailored screening questions, helping your team prioritize the most qualified manufacturing candidates.

Schedule interviews
without lifting a finger

Eliminate the hassle of back-and-forth emails by automatically scheduling interviews for qualified candidates. Send personalized check-ins, reminders, and follow-ups to both candidates and your manufacturing industry recruiters to build stronger connections and prevent drop-off.

Drive better results from your manufacturing and warehousing recruiting


faster time-to-hire


increase in response rates


decrease in job board spend

Provide a quick, easy, and accessible application experience

Make applying to manufacturing jobs effortless with Sense’s seamless mobile-first experience. Sense works wherever your candidates are so they can easily apply to open jobs via text, email, or chat — 24/7. Reduce application abandonment rate through modern recruiting methods, such as QR codes, text-to-apply, and website chatbots.

Activate your
existing manufacturing talent pool

The candidates in your ATS took years of work and cost millions of dollars to acquire but most of your manufacturing applicant database now sits dormant. With Sense, effectively activate past candidates, easily enrich their data, and turn your database into a top source of talent — reducing job board spend by up to 35%.

“It’s a game-changing product. For our Strategic-Partners and teams, it has helped them become more productive and changed the way they do business.”

Greg Geering

Customer Experience Manager


increase in fill rates


recruiter hours saved


candidate satisfaction rating
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