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Sense is an all-in-one talent engagement platform to help you recruit better and faster.

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7 Reasons to switch to Sense Messaging


Built for staffing companies

Sense offers powerful features that are designed to help recruiters hire faster and better - all while offering a personalized candidate experience. The average Sense recruiter experiences.

  • 55% increased response rate
  • 3X more hires
  • 2.5X increased NPS
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Unlimited texting credits

No more tiered pricing for you! Sense offers the most competitive texting plans in the industry.

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Text + Email in one platform

Marketing-grade email and texting in one powerful product, so that you can manage all your messaging with one platform.

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Deep integration with your ATS

Sense Messaging integrates bi-directionally with your ATS and writes back all conversation data to ensure compliance and perfect record keeping.

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Easy, overnight migration

Moving to Sense with all your data is fast, easy and hassle-free thanks to our experienced implementation specialists.

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Quick, seamless adoption

Sense has been designed to work seamlessly with the modern recruiter’s workflow. Get ready for an intuitive product that’s incredibly easy to learn and use.

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Conversational AI chatbot

Recruiting is a 24/7 job. Candidates want to be able to engage with your brand at any time. We’ve got you covered with the Sense AI Chatbot, available anywhere, any time, allowing you to engage with candidates whenever they apply or show interest. Enable meaningful, human-like conversations with candidates. Answer questions, explain benefits, provide status updates, and more — any time, on any device.

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