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“With Sense, we introduced two-way texting everywhere from point A to point Z and saw the difference in response volume and speed almost right away.”

Cheryl Rhody

AVP, Marketing

Built for Workday

Sense integrates bi-directionally with Workday. Unlock hyper personalization with access to the most up-to-date candidate information while the integration writes back all conversation data to ensure compliance and record keeping.

Drive 5X Response Rates

With Sense, meet your candidates where they are: on their phones. Communicate faster and build deeper relationships with well-crafted, personalized text messages that drive 5X more response rates.

Response rate
Faster replies
Drop in no shows

Increase Recruiter Productivity

Save your team countless hours by automating all kinds of recruiting tasks: from screening and interview scheduling to follow-ups and check-ins. Let Sense handle the busy work.

Faster time-to-hire
Increase in recruiter productivity
Unlimited Texting
Engage candidates with unlimited two-way texting—no tiered plans or limits.
Dynamic Broadcasts
Send messages to entire pools of talent at once. Personalize with dynamic fields.
Chrome Extension
Text candidates from your ATS, using our Chrome extension.
Drip Campaigns
Don’t sweat the follow-up. Let Sense nudge your candidates along.
Automated Scheduling
Save precious recruiting hours with fully-automated screening and interview scheduling.
Text to Apply
Double your talent pipeline. Make applying to jobs simple and quick.
Shared Inbox
Empower recruiters to prioritize and manage conversations seamlessly.
AI Chatbot
Give your candidates and recruiters the friendly assistant they have always wanted.
iOS and Android Apps
Access conversations on the go with the Sense mobile app.
Intelligent Journeys
Personalize and automate your talent journey with intelligent, event-based triggers.
NPS Surveys
Bring science to your candidate engagement with automated NPS.
Automated Sync
Bi-directional integration ensures you access the most up-to-date information—always.
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