Create a data-driven hiring strategy with powerful analytics

Optimize your recruiting strategy and track key metrics with a full suite of data from Sense. Measure the ROI of your hiring initiatives, gauge the performance of your recruiting team, and analyze historical trends to proactively identify where you’re succeeding and where you need to improve.

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Measure the KPIs that matter most

Quantify the impact Sense has on talent engagement, recruiter activity, and candidate experience. Tie KPIs to all your recruiting initiatives in Sense to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Visualize data in different formats

Easily understand and process data using interactive charts, funnels, and dashboards. Pinpoint key trends over time and share visual reports with stakeholders to present ROI and other big wins.

Uncover barriers to hiring success

Combine Sense and ATS data to get a complete picture of your hiring efforts. Filter and slice data to help meet your company’s hiring goals.

Analyze Sense data on a deeper level

Export Sense data to your business intelligence solutions and other enterprise tools. Combine hiring data with other data sources for deep analysis.

More ways to use Sense

Text Recruiting

Build meaningful candidate relationships with Sense Messaging — two-way real-time texting with a personal touch.

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Conversational AI

Increase recruiter productivity and hiring speed with the Sense AI Chatbot — the only fully integrated conversational AI assistant built for recruiting.

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