Make referrals your ultimate competitive advantage

With Sense Referrals, you can dramatically expand your talent pipeline with high quality referrals while shortening time-to-fill and reducing job board spend. Track and manage submissions, payouts, and rewards from one centralized platform.

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Why automate referrals?


increased referral
response rate


reduced spend
on acquisition


hire rate

Launch branded, multi-channel campaigns in minutes

Engage your talent network with targeted and automated campaigns via text or email. With proven templates and workflows, Sense Referrals allows you to easily launch and scale campaigns.

Make submitting referrals simple and quick

Employees can quickly see what positions are open, submit referrals in seconds, and track where their referrals are in the hiring process.

Manage rewards and payouts from one dashboard

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets. Easily track submissions, approvals, rewards, and payouts from one centralized dashboard and never miss a referral bonus payout again.

Motivate your team to refer their best candidates

Gamification can be an effective way to encourage more referral submissions. With features like leaderboards and point redemption, create a sense of friendly competition and a reward system for those who submit high quality referral leads.

Continuously improve your referral program

Take a data-driven approach to reviewing your referral program with referral analytics. Optimize your program by identifying what’s working well and what areas need improvement.

Avoid headaches with automated tax compliance

Automatically generate 1099s for referrers and collect payout-related tax information in a secure and reliable way.

Automatically create profiles in your ATS

Sense Referrals syncs with your ATS, ensuring you are able to track submissions and profiles from within your database.

Manage multiple referral programs all from one platform

Keep your team organized and on track to meet their referral goals. With Sense Referrals, managers can easily customize each referral program with specific links, jobs, users, and roles.

“We have tripled our referral hires. They not only handle all the behind-the-scenes accounting, but also candidate marketing and engagement automation.”

Molly Shams

VP of Lead Generation

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