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Fast, frictionless hiring for your front and back of house recruiting

Transform your talent experience and fill roles faster with AI-powered talent engagement. From delighting applicants with a seamless, mobile-first experience to automating screening and interview scheduling — Sense eliminates the costly friction for hiring retail, restaurant, and hospitality staff.

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Make applying to retail, restaurant, and hospitality jobs quick and effortless

Job seekers apply to an average of 12 jobs in a single session and 40-50% will abandon the application process if it’s tedious. Sense works wherever your candidates are, so they can easily apply to open jobs via text, email, or chat. Sense customers experience 5x more responses when reaching candidates where they are — on their phones.

Qualify and screen applicants — in minutes

Assist your hiring, general, and frontline managers by taking screening applicants off their plates. Screen 100% of your applicants within minutes of them submitting an application. Offer a seamless, mobile-first experience while instantly capturing relevant information and asking tailored screening questions —helping your team prioritize the most qualified candidates for retail, restaurant, and hospitality jobs.

Schedule interviews automatically

Eliminate the hassle of back-and-forth emails by automatically scheduling interviews for qualified candidates, moments after they apply. Send personalized check-ins, reminders, and follow-ups to both candidates and recruiters to build stronger connections and prevent drop-offs.

Activate your existing talent pool

The candidates in your ATS took years of work and cost millions of dollars to acquire but most of your database now sits dormant. With Sense, effectively activate past candidates, easily enrich their data, and turn your database into a top source of talent — reducing retail job board spend by up to 35%.

“With Sense, we are taking recruiters out of their back office tasks and freeing them up to do what they’re good at, which is build relationships.”

Jeffrey Staats

Head of Marketing


Reduction in no-call, no-shows in 90 days

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