Automate Interview Scheduling

Hire faster with 24/7 automated interview scheduling

Leverage automation to automatically fill recruiter calendars, eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth “sorry I missed yous” and additional third-party apps.

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Real results from our customers


increase in
candidates engaged


meetings scheduled in one quarter


time to hire

Schedule candidate interviews, faster

Skip the back-and-forth, “just missed yous” that can delay interviews by days or even weeks. Get top talent in for interviews fast so you can hire them even faster. And when deployed with our AI Chatbot, Sense helps you prescreen AND schedule candidates automatically.

Prevent candidate drop-off

Enable talent to automatically schedule interviews with your recruiters via text or chatbots, even while your team is offline or enjoying their weekends.

Reduce interview no shows

Send meeting reminders automatically to keep candidates engaged and excited about their interviews (and away from the competition).

Flexible interview scheduling for your team

First available or round robin scheduling – depending on your needs and preferences – ensures all your recruiters are working efficiently.

Custom interview messages and reminders

Customize booking flow, reminders, cancellation policy, questions, meeting length, booking notice, future limit, and buffer time.

Automate the candidate experience

Integrates directly with Sense so you can schedule via Sense Messaging and Sense AI Chatbot - bring the power and simplicity of Sense to your scheduling.

Accelerate your hiring

See how 800+ companies hire faster with Sense.

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