Make every step of the talent lifecycle count.

The suite of tools your teams need to create personalized experiences with candidates, contractors, and clients, at scale.

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It's a job-seeker's market

Candidates and clients are in record-high demand and your agency needs a way to stand out. Enter Sense for Marketers. From personalized outreach and white-glove experiences to a customized suite of tools for a strong employer brand and reputation, Sense helps your team cut through the noise to make every moment memorable.

Automate personal candidate touchpoints — at scale

Increase engagement and loyalty with timely, valuable outreach

Use automated Sense Journeys to engage and nurture relationships with candidates, customers, and employees across the entire talent lifecycle. Use your ATS data to automate relevant outreach at every step, from sourcing to interview to placement to redeployment. Trigger and customize touchpoints using key ATS fields from Candidate, Placements, Submissions, Jobs, and Appointments records.

With two-way data syncing and real-time updates back to your ATS, outreach is always up-to-date and personal. With Journeys, Sense customers see average open rates of 30% on marketing emails and up to 70% on trigger-based email and text messages.

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Database marketing: re-engage existing candidates

50% of your candidates already live in your database

Your ATS is packed with talent, including thousands of candidates who are still waiting to be matched with the right opportunity. To uncover qualified dormant candidates, alumni, and silver-medalists already in your database, your team needs the right technology.

Make your ATS work for you.

Sense seamlessly integrates with your ATS for personalized and coordinated outreach to re-engage candidates. Maximize your resources with Sense automation to discover the talent hiding in your database and reach out instantly - reducing your spend on filling the top of your funnel.

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Immerse candidates and clients in your brand

Build on-brand, visual emails, digests, and newsletters for your clients, candidates, and contractors to elevate your outreach. Plus, ensure that all contractor communications stay on-brand with customizable, easy to update templates every team can use.

Sense’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor and branding tools make it easy to add approved logos, images, videos, and more. Make memorable touchpoints that your audience will look forward to again and again.

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Stand out by improving your NPS

Build and showcase a strong employer brand

Proactively keep a pulse on NPS and boost your reputation with timely asks for referrals and reviews. After partnering with Sense, customers often see double or triple the average NPS for staffing firms.

Leverage your NPS to grow your staffing firm by showing candidates you’re a trusted partner. Effectively build stronger relationships with clients, too, by gathering ongoing feedback to improve their experience. Highlight your positive survey results, increased public reviews, and a strong employer brand to win more business.

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Measure your impact with robust performance metrics

Recruitment marketing is nothing without powerful data. Use Sense analytics for deep insights into candidate and client engagement to measure your results and tie them back to business growth and your bottom line.

By combining data across your ATS and Sense, uncover hidden obstacles to contractor and client satisfaction and optimize your strategy.

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Here’s what Sense customers have to say:

“The surveys we run through Sense allow us to collect information, identify our gaps, and then reverse those gaps in real time. And by uncovering these areas of opportunity, we’re accelerating and maintaining our NPS scores.”

Polly Brady, Digital Marketing Director, Profiles

"Retention/re-deployment is the most challenging stage of the lifecycle for recruiters to manage. We are using marketing automation tools to send newsletters (via e-mail and text), and weekly reach-outs to our consultants; reminding our recruiters and account managers when their consultants reach certain milestones."

Gina Chisholm, VP of Marketing and Technology, KellyMitchell Group

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