Pre-Screen Bot

Save time while adding quality candidates to your funnel

Eliminate poor-fit candidates and unnecessary back and forth with automated top-of-funnel candidate screening and scheduling.

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Give time back to your recruiters

Pre-screen Bot adds time back into your recruiter’s calendar by eliminating the hassle of manually asking questions, collecting data, and scheduling interviews.

Deliver exceptional candidate experiences

72% of candidates who interacted with an AI chatbot thought they were interacting with a recruiter. Pre-screen Bot is designed for talent engagement so its natural language processing is even better for recruiting conversations.

Customize to your roles & needs

Pre-screen Bot can be customized to the specific needs of your recruiters and organization. Provide fluid, human-like conversations using an AI-powered preset question library.

Gather & save important candidate data

Data gathered via Pre-screen Bot is input directly into your ATS, which can help power more successful ongoing engagement and strategies.

Mitigate bias

Despite good intentions, overcoming biases can be difficult. The good news? Chatbots can’t be biased. Pre-screen Bot can serve as a powerful tool in your DE&I strategy.

Deploy quickly

Sense chatbots are built on a no-code platform. That means you can deploy and start seeing ROI quickly with zero developer dependency.

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