Scheduling Bot

Fill your calendar with qualified candidates and save time on administrative tasks

Reduce interview scheduling friction with Scheduling Bot. Let your 24/7 recruiting assistant schedule interviews so you save time and meet every qualified candidate who visits your website.

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Don’t let great talent fall through the cracks

Instantly engage 100% of candidates who come to your site. Scheduling Bot converts curious job seekers into candidates who are ready to interview, increasing the chances your company hires top talent.

Focus on the tasks that matter most

Don’t spend all your time collecting interviews and reviewing applications. Automate administrative tasks so you can focus on creating a hiring strategy, building relationships with candidates, and completing tasks that move the needle.

Make a great first impression with candidates

Providing an exceptional candidate experience is a must in today’s competitive hiring market. After candidates interact with Scheduling Bot, they can provide feedback that helps your company learn how to get even better at engaging talent.

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Build meaningful candidate relationships with Sense Messaging — two-way real-time texting with a personal touch.

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Increase recruiter productivity and hiring speed with the Sense AI Chatbot — the only fully integrated conversational AI assistant built for recruiting.

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