Database Cleanup

Reduce cost-per-hire by 30% with hiring database management

You’ve invested significant time and cost into building and curating your candidate database. And yet, much of that candidate database sits unactionable due to outdated information. Automated database cleanup re-engages talent and improves data quality to boost core metrics, personalization, and campaign performance.

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Efficiency begins with clean data






reduced job
board spend

Peak recruiter performance with clean hiring data

Update large volumes of candidate records without a heavy lift by automating outreach to candidates. Verify contact, employment, and other key information at scale - integrated seamlessly with your ATS.

Better ATS data quality in your candidate database

Your ATS is at the heart of your TA tech stack, and you spend tens of thousands of dollars (at least!) per month to acquire new candidates. Sense helps you maximize every dollar and minute spent on talent acquisition by automatically updating your database at scale.

Clean recruiting database = Improved hiring experiences

Better data hygiene means increased email delivery rates and more text replies for the recruiter. Candidates are more easily matched to jobs they want, and recruiters spend more time on top qualified candidates. It's a win-win.