Improve NPS with critical performance feedback and insights

Automated surveys help you measure NPS throughout the year to help you identify opportunities, deliver better experiences, and track improvement over time.

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Make better hires -faster than ever before

Sense automates the applicant screening process and generates a shortlist of qualified candidates to interview. Fill high-priority roles with top talent while increasing hiring speed by up to 55%.

Reduce hiring costs and reliance on job boards

Match candidates already in your database with new roles that they’re a great fit for. Re-engage the passive talent in your database and cut your job board budget in half.

Hire faster, spend less


improved NPS scores


candidate response rates


faster offer-to-start

Key insights to attract and retain talent

Leverage high NPS scores to attract more top candidates and showcase your employer brand. Deploy NPS surveys throughout the year (and throughout the recruiting lifecycle) to get a leg up on the competition.

Measuring NPS is key to success

With the addition of Action Based Targeting (ABT), leverage Sense to automatically target and reach out to all NPS detractors to get ahead of problems. Or, send especially-high respondents links to leave online reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Google.

Immediate insights on business standing

Easy-to-view dashboards and analytics help you understand, at-a-glance, exactly where your organization stands. Drill down for targeted insights by candidates, clients, and more to pinpoint where progress is happening over time.

More ways to use Sense

Sense AI

Power faster and more efficient hiring with AI recruiting tools

Supercharge your talent engagement with recruiting AI. Use bleeding-edge AI features in Sense to streamline hiring, personalize communication, and make intelligent hiring decisions.

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Your Virtual Partner in Talent Acquisition

Built as a true digital assistant, Sense handles time-intensive tasks for recruiters, freeing them to focus on value-driving activities, while automating repetitive processes, optimizing workflows, and streamlining talent management with AI.

Real Data Training Boosts Recruiting Success

By leveraging the power of AI in recruiting, Sense AI utilizes true recruiting data to provide relevant and accurate predictions and suggestions for recruiting teams, helping them make informed decisions and drive successful talent acquisition.

Recruiting AI Solutions for Faster and Smarter Hiring

Accelerate hiring with instant FAQs, automated candidate screening, streamlined interview scheduling, and candidate fit scoring.

Enhance Candidate Experiences with Personalized Engagement

Personalize engagement with AI-driven job recommendations based on candidates' skills, experience, and location. Reduce drop-off with live chat and trigger-based communication throughout the talent journey.

Turbocharge Productivity to Focus on What Matters Most

Boost recruiter productivity with AI-powered resume generation, candidate search, job description creation, content generation, survey response summarization, communication sentiment analysis, and SMS improvement recommendations

Unleash the power of Sense’s AI recruiting technology to elevate your hiring, personalize candidate experiences, and maximize recruiter productivity

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See how over 1,000 top brands drive talent engagement

See how over 1,000 top brands drive talent engagement