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  Sense AI Copilot:
Your Recruiting Partner Powered by Generative AI

Sense AI Copilot is here to revolutionize the way you recruit talent. With the power of generative AI integrated within Sense, you can write better, work smarter, and hire faster than ever before.

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Empower Your Recruiting Team

In today's fast-paced talent market, every minute counts. Sense AI Copilot is your secret weapon to staying ahead of the competition. Our powerful AI capabilities empower you to increase efficiency by automating time-consuming tasks, freeing you to focus on what truly matters—building strong relationships with candidates and finding the perfect fit for your team.

Save Time and Effort

On average, Sense AI Copilot saves recruiters 1.5 hours per day. That's valuable time you can reinvest in nurturing candidate relationships, improving the candidate experience, and filling roles faster. Here's how we do it:

Generate Job Descriptions

Crafting compelling job descriptions is a breeze with Sense AI Copilot. Simply provide a job title and let our AI generate a polished job listing that attracts top talent.

Generate Pre-Screening Questions

Get rid of the hassle of manually creating pre-screening questions. Our AI can generate tailored questions based on the job title, job description, or by selecting existing jobs from your ATS.

Generate Resumes

For candidates without resumes, we've got you covered. Sense AI Copilot can create professional resumes, ensuring no qualified candidate is left behind.

Boost Email Engagement

Communicate effectively with candidates using AI-generated email content. Enhance your emails with AI-generated suggestions that align with your brand's tone and style

Streamline Text Communication

Connect with talent fast and easy through AI-generated texts. Leverage AI to rewrite your messages to optimize for responses and text delivery

Analyze and Summarize Survey Responses

Make sense of survey data effortlessly with our AI-powered analysis and     summarization. Get valuable insights that help you improve your hiring process and provide candidates with an even better experience.

Your Path to Smarter Recruiting

Sense AI Copilot empowers your recruiting team to thrive in today's competitive talent landscape. Experience the future of recruiting, where AI works alongside you to drive efficiency, improve candidate experiences, and elevate your hiring process.

Ready to write better, work smarter, and hire faster? Start your journey with Sense AI Copilot today!

Unleash the power of Sense’s AI recruiting technology to elevate your hiring, personalize candidate experiences, and maximize recruiter productivity