Smart FAQs

Engage job seekers 24/7 and generate more applicants

Use the Sense AI Chatbot to instantly answer questions about your company culture, benefits, or anything else candidates commonly ask about. Chatbot understands the candidate’s natural language and will be there 24/7 to relay customized responses to job seekers who visit your site.

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Reduce candidate drop-off

Give candidates the answers to the questions that are on their minds without making them wait days or even hours for a response. Instantly answering candidate questions can boost application completion rates to as high as 90%.

Provide the experience candidates want and deserve

Deliver a personalized, consumer-like experience to 100% of the potential job-seekers who visit your website. Companies with the highest rated candidate experiences use chatbots to answer 30% more candidate questions than the average company.

Encourage candidates to apply

Help candidates learn about your company while you gather the application details needed from them. The Sense AI Chatbot naturally converses with candidates, answering their questions and asking its own about their skills, experience, and background.

Save time and boost recruiter efficiency

Spend a few minutes filling in answers in a library of predefined questions and let the Sense AI Chatbot deliver responses each time they come up. Once Smart FAQs are live, your recruiting team will save countless hours.

More ways to use Sense

Text Recruiting

Build meaningful candidate relationships with Sense Messaging — two-way real-time texting with a personal touch.

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Conversational AI

Increase recruiter productivity and hiring speed with the Sense AI Chatbot — the only fully integrated conversational AI assistant built for recruiting.

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