Mass Texting

Instantly connect with multiple candidates

Accelerate hiring and attract more applicants by sending text messages to groups of candidates. With Mass Texting in Sense Messaging, you can instantly engage a targeted list of candidates all at once and streamline your outreach efforts.

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Send the right text at the right time

Send candidate groups relevant messages based on where they are in the talent lifecycle. Share opportunities with a fresh list of candidates, re-engage past candidates, or connect candidates on assignment using personalized messages that resonate with the recipient.

Fine-tune your candidate pitch

A/B test different messages to discover what words, styles, and calls to action work best. Experiment with messages and land on the content that drives the highest response rate and ROI.

Quickly engage talent after job fairs and hiring events

Job fairs and hiring events are great for connecting with eager job seekers — but you need to follow up while your organization is fresh in their minds. With mass texting, you can instantly engage talent post-event and start sharing relevant roles with the right candidates.

Launch a mass texting campaign in minutes

Seamlessly create a group to mass text by importing contact details from your ATS/CRM or uploading a spreadsheet containing phone numbers. A mass texting campaign can be deployed in minutes in the Sense platform or from your browser using our Chrome Extension.

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