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Database cleanup: The latest game changer

Posted by
Devon Kerns, Product Manager, Engage
November 16, 2021

As of August 2020, there are nearly 30 million Americans receiving some form of unemployment insurance. While that number certainly signifies opportunity and talent access for staffing firms, it also sheds light on something that’s underrated yet extremely important. 

Those 30 million Americans are changing: Jobs, addresses, email addresses. 

That means right now, a LOT of your data could be out of date. And reaching those candidates in your database who are looking for work becomes a bit harder (and more expensive -- chances are, you’re already spending thousands each month to acquire “new” candidates who are actually already in your database!). Nevermind the lost productivity of your recruiters spent chasing down candidates or scrambling to find the right data. 

So, suffice it to say that cleaning up your data is more important than ever. This is especially true for those staffing firms with clients in essential and high-demand industries like LI, healthcare and more. 

We haven’t forgotten how maxed out your recruiters are, though. That’s where automation comes into play. 

Save money, increase productivity and get results

In the current market, many staffing firms are feeling the pressure to maximize productivity of all of their headcount. You need to keep costs low, drive placements, maintain productivity, invest in new client development, maintain business agility and still keep high quality engagement across the candidate lifecycle. When you’re staring down all of these expectations, the need for a clean database is increasingly obvious. 

Enter: database cleanup by Sense. By automating candidate messaging in bulk to confirm and/or receive updated data (writing it directly to your ATS), your recruiters not only save time tracking down candidates and trying to get the new data. They also reap the rewards of a clean, up-to-date database. 

We’ve written a LOT on database automation. In fact, check out this massive guide to database automation in the 21st century to dig into just how automation can empower your recruiters, saving time and money, increasing productivity and ultimately, driving improved ROI on your recruiting tech stack. 

Taking data enrichment up a notch

While we’ve mostly been talking about recipient-facing data updates in the past (eg. You text candidates asking if they’re still at XX address or YY email), we are SUPER excited for what’s next. And it’s going to transform your expectations from recruiting technology. 

Data enrichment with Sense updates records one at a time. Super quickly and in the background, freeing your recruiters to spend time on their most productive and ROI-driven tasks. But now, with our NEW database clenanup tool, you’ll also be able to update records in bulk, effortlessly. Imagine, large amounts of records updated, without any heavy lift from your team. 

We can’t wait to show it to you!

What can your team do with 33% more? 

Our research shows that recruiters spend 1/3 of their day on data entry and other low-level tasks.  Another 1/3 is spent prospecting. 

So where does actually interacting with candidates and contractors come in? You know, the human stuff that is at the heart of our industry. Just 1/3 of their days are spent on the most mission-critical component of their jobs! 

More time with candidates and contractors means more referrals, higher redeployment and more engaged talent -- leading to happier clients and happier, more loyal talent.

It really is a win/win, isn’t it? 

Here are just a few of the ways Sense database cleanup can lead to significantly improved data, productivity and results:

GDPR Compliance

Use Sense Database Cleanup to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, while ensuring compliance. For EU staffing firms, this can provide an especially heavy sigh of relief!

Update Job Orders

No more logging in to update job orders one by one. Just like updating candidate data, updating job orders in bulk is a big time saver.

Change Ownership

Recruiters come and go, but what happens to all of the candidates assigned to recruiters who leave?  With Sense database cleanup, you can easily use bulk cleanup to change candidate or contact owners. No one wants to go in and manually update candidate and contractor records one-by-one after team members leave. Now, you don’t have to. 

Avoid Embarrassing Messages

Have you ever sent out an email that was supposed to say: Hi [NICKNAME]? But instead, some of the recipients received “Hi [SPACE],”? 


Never send out a blank nickname field again! Instead, use bulk cleanup to find and update this field across all of your records. After setting your target audience to all candidates or contacts with an empty nickname field, change the value of the field to “first name” of candidate – this will pull in their existing first name to the Nickname field so you no longer have to worry about if any emails will go out without names!

Key Field Accuracy 

You already know the incredible value that Sense Journeys can drive for your business, but now you can make sure that not a single stone is left unturned in your database. Incorrect or outdated information may be keeping candidates out of your critical value driving campaigns and that’s an easy fix with Database Cleanup. For example, you may have candidates that finished a job but are still marked as active in your ATS and now they aren’t being targeted for reactivation. Rather than finding and fixing each one, a simple automation task can make sure the correct status is applied automatically and right at the end of each assignment.

We can’t WAIT to show you Sense database cleanup.

We’re working on a LOT here at Sense, constantly seeking ways to help you do more, get better results and reduce costs. And while we’ve got several innovations coming soon, we are just so excited for database cleanup. If you’re on Bullhorn, to learn more about what you can expect, schedule a meeting with our team today. We’re happy to walk you through our platform and how it can fit seamlessly into your staffing firm. 

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