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Finally, An Answer to Recruiting’s Biggest Challenge

Posted by
Alex Rosen
July 27, 2023

Recruiting is still broken. There - we said it. It blows my mind that recruiting teams still spend anywhere from 30-50% of their time each week searching for candidates to fill open roles. That’s nearly half of each day spent searching through candidate databases, scrolling through LinkedIn, or tapping into social networks to maybe - hopefully- find a diamond in the rough. 

And - it doesn’t matter what the market conditions are - recruiters are always buried in a pile of requisitions. They’re either faced with too many candidates to sift through, or not enough candidates for a role. It’s an endless, expensive, and often frustrating cycle.

That’s why we’re pumped about the release of our latest solution - Sense Discover. With Sense Discover, recruiters, talent teams, and even hiring managers, can easily match people with jobs and jobs with people. Sense Discover takes advantage of our AI matching system that computes the similarities between candidates and the skills and requirements necessary for a job, ranks the jobs that match those candidates, and provides advanced matching capabilities based on candidate profiles. 

But we didn’t stop there. With a constant eye towards innovation, speed, and personalization, Sense Discover not only matches people to jobs and jobs to people, but it then integrates that information with our other solutions like our AI Chatbot, to make the recruitment process even more seamless and personalized.

For example, if a candidate comes to you via text to apply or through your website, the Sense AI Chatbot can ask them a series of simple questions and perform a job match based on that interaction, and give the candidate a list of appropriate job openings. It’s this seamless integration that takes job matching technology to the next level. 

And Sense customers are already embracing this technology and reporting some pretty incredible results. We’re seeing recruiting teams use Sense Discover in the following ways: 

  1. Connecting with inbound candidates. Candidates who come to a company’s website and interact with the AI chatbot, are asked a few questions. Based on their responses, Sense Discover serves up jobs for which the candidate would be a good match. The candidate can apply right then and there. Reducing this friction in the recruiting process is a huge win for recruiting teams and improves the candidate experience.
  2. Staying in touch with Silver Medalists. Remember those candidates who invested a lot of time and effort in your recruiting process but for whatever reason was the runner up for the job? Sense customers are using Discover to redirect those candidates to additional job opportunities that are a good match, to help boost the candidate experience, reduce costs and allow recruiters to fill more jobs quickly.
  3. Supporting redeployment and internal mobility efforts. Several of our clients are using Sense Discover to help redeploy contractors who are finishing their assignments or help internal employees find another position within the company. Sense Discover triggers a job matching email based on their skills and prior experience, helping recruiting teams quickly and efficiently redeploy and retain talent.

Sense Discover is ultimately the next evolution of our product vision as we continue to push the boundaries of what we think is possible around personalizing the candidate experience as well as helping recruiting teams become more efficient. We’re already seeing clients discover 2-3x more qualified candidates with Sense and are excited to help more global teams scale and personalize their hiring process.

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