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How conversational recruiting helps your business stay agile

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Mithun Gunalan, Lead Product Manager
November 16, 2021

There’s a lot about recruiting in a post-COVID 2020 that is different than it was a year ago. In fact, has recruiting ever changed so much, so quickly before? 

Both due to fluctuating needs for talent that is more demanding than ever and to keep candidates engaged, a focus on engagement and communication with talent continues to be important. 

Technology has made it easier than ever for recruiters to stay connected with talent and keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process. The most exceptional technology (like Sense) achieves this while actually saving recruiters time and helping them focus on one-to-one human interactions. 

If you’ve been reading our blog for the past year or so, you may have noticed we’ve written a LOT about texting and its potential with candidates, contractors and even clients or prospects. But there’s also a bigger picture that encompasses texting and other technologies to more quickly and efficiently attract and engage talent. 

Conversational recruiting

With traditional recruiting, think posting jobs on Indeed and waiting for applications. In the past decade, sharing jobs on social media was huge -- social recruiting. Then, there was a push to effectively market your company and jobs to top talent -- recruitment marketing. All are still an important part of your recruitment strategy. 

But, conversational recruiting ties them all together. Because now more than ever, candidates don’t want a transaction with your company. They want, need and even demand an experience. They have high expectations, whether there are 30 million unemployed people or 3 million. 

And no matter what economic changes are to come, no matter how we either return to normal or build and evolve into a new one, conversational recruiting is going to prove critical as your organization pivots, reacts and continues to grow, no matter what the world throws at us. Agility is key, and conversational recruiting can help you stay agile to zig when you should zig, and zag when you should zag. Here’s how conversational recruiting can help your business stay agile in an increasingly changing world.

Keep you up to speed

Your clients need talent now. You need the right candidates. And talent needs and wants a quick hiring process.

Everyone is looking for speed. But clunky hiring processes and outdated (or incompatible) technology can make it difficult for your recruiting team to react quickly or better yet, be proactive in anticipating and meeting the needs of your clients. 

Texting, video, social and especially chat are meeting the demands of talent today, especially Millennials and Gen Z. If you haven’t already adapted your recruiting strategy to meet that demand, you may be especially struggling during the pandemic. The need for speed has never been more important. 

Immediate gratification is critical right now. Conversational recruiting facilitates that instant gratification, no better than with chat. You marketing team needs time to respond to social comments or messages. Your recruiters need time to respond to emails, voicemails or texts. But with a recruiting chatbot, AI facilitates a fluid, lifelike conversation that provides immediate answers and feedback, asks the right questions and even schedules interviews -- only handing off to an actual person with necessary. 

Imagine skipping steps 1 through 3 and starting off at step 4 with candidates? Talk about a time saver! Conversational recruiting, and in particular, recruiting chatbots, can get you there.

Provide consistency in an upside down world

To say that the world is in a constant state of tumult would be an understatement. Consistency in experience can help your candidates and contractors (and your prospects and clients) feel secure in an otherwise insecure world. As we work through this time and look ahead to the future, the loyalty and positive sentiment that stems from creating positive experiences will be a huge differentiator in recruiting, sales and retention (both talent and client).

We’ve written previously about the importance of an omni channel approach to marketing. This is also true for recruiting. Creating a seamless experience between chat, text, email and social assures your stakeholders that you are listening, you are there, and they matter. 

Have you ever had to tell three people the same facts or points because Person A didn’t give the information to Persons B or C? It’s frustrating. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth. And it can mean the difference between making the placement or the sale -- now or in the future. 

When you leverage an engagement platform like Sense, you can communicate with talent (and prospects/clients) on their preferred platforms. The conversations are seamless and the data is all in one place -- everything works together to create a cohesive experience. Our recruiting chatbot launches in the fall, which will further empower and facilitate conversations and move processes forward across channels while providing a consistent, stable experience for your talent. 

Free recruiters to focus on one-to-one relationships

You’d be hard pressed to find a time where your recruiters were busier, and under more stress, and dealing with the fear/stress/craziness that surrounds a pandemic.

Your team is maxed out. And yet, especially for those of you who are working with clients in essential industries like healthcare, grocery, retail and more, there is even more need for bandwidth. 

When your recruiters are trying to do everything for everyone, it’s inevitable that a ball gets dropped, or something isn’t as done as well as it could (or should) be. Ultimately, recruiters build, nurture and leverage relationships. But if they’re bogged down with administrative tasks or busywork, building and nurturing those relationships can fall by the wayside.  

Conversational recruiting takes on the, well, conversation. It takes the easy, repeatable steps, questions and processes off of the plates of recruiters so that they can jump in only when it’s absolutely necessary and important. It helps them do and be better. 

Conversational recruiting can be a game changer for your staffing firm.

Talent is happier in the early stages, getting the instant gratification and relevant information/steps they’re seeking. They’re happier later on when they get the personal attention they deserve from your recruiters. And your clients are happier because they have better, happier talent on the job. 

All from a little conversation!

Here at Sense, our engagement platform has a robust set of conversational recrui puzzle pieces to help you stay agile and continue growing, whatever the future holds. And coming this fall, we’ll be launching our recruiting chatbot, Reva. We are SUPER proud to be the only engagement platform to offer a recruiting chatbot on top of our robust tech. 

It’s an exciting time, for sure! 

🚨 Learn more about Reva and get on the Early Access List here. 🚨

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