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How Industry Giant Staffmark Group Embraced Change and Grew Engagement with Sense

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Katie Rubak, Product Marketing Manager
January 6, 2023

Uncovering a Challenge

As a family of premier staffing and recruiting brands, Staffmark Group has long been at the forefront of industry trends. Before partnering with Sense, though, Staffmark had a familiar problem. Their recruiters were tasked with hiring and placing great candidates, but engagement beyond the hiring phase often fell to the wayside. Little structure was in place to enforce best practices and track follow-up with newly onboarded employees, and Staffmark hadn’t yet found an engagement automation tool that met their needs. 

The firm’s annual NPS survey showed that contractors were feeling abandoned after being placed, noting a lack of communication during and after assignments. Contractor satisfaction was dropping, and the Staffmark team knew it was time to do something about it.

Implementing a Tech Solution

Solving an engagement problem for a firm of Staffmark’s size is no small feat. But when the team had more open roles than they could fill, they turned to technology. Sense was a natural solution for Staffmark, given the ease of the intergration with their ATS, erecruit, and the ability to customize the tool to meet their needs.

“Our business isn’t the same as everyone else’s,” says Shannon Ronspies, Manager of Operations Support at Staffmark. “We loved that we didn’t have to just open the box and use the platform as-is. We continue to adjust and customize what we’re doing based on what’s working and what’s not.”

The Staffmark team was pleasantly surprised by the quick and easy implementation, seamlessly moving from a pilot program to rolling out Sense on a large scale across their brands. Sense provided Staffmark with training materials for their field teams and sample templates based on their unique business needs.

Seeing the Results

Within the first few months of implementing Sense, Staffmark surpassed 100,000 contractor touchpoints across personalized email and SMS. The increase in automated communications has also provided the Staffmark team with a strong foundation for measuring results. “With Sense, a huge selling point for us was the wealth of analytics we would be able to gather,” said Ronspies. “Being able to connect the dots and pinpoint certain issues... that definitely stood out with Sense.”

Staffmark now sends consistent NPS surveys and requests for feedback — a change that has given them a 43.6% email open rate and a 21.1% response rate. Compared to industry benchmarks, these numbers are outstanding. In addition to the exceptional response rates, Staffmark recruiters have gotten back thousands of hours previously spent on manual tasks. The average corporate employee spends 1.1 minutes on an email. By that estimate, Sense has saved the Staffmark team 180,400 minutes — or 3,006 hours of their recruiters’ time!

“The functionality that Sense offers us reduces administrative time for our recruiters, boosts engagement with our applicants and employees, and improves the consistency of communication with our talent,” says Emily Giltner, Sr. Vice President of Enterprise Operations at Staffmark.

The possibilities are endless for the team at Staffmark — they’re continuing to evolve their business in 2020 and beyond, and we’ll be there to support them along the way.

Ready to get started? We’re here to help!

Sense works with staffing firms like Staffmark Group to build strategic engagement programs and earn measurable results. Reach out to our team to schedule time for a demo or to discuss how Sense can help your business.

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