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How Staffing Firm DIVERSANT Elevated their Employer Brand from the Inside Out with Sense

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Katie Rubak, Product Marketing Manager
November 16, 2021

Revamping Communication and Engagement

From sourcing java developers to QA analysts and project managers, recruiters at DIVERSANT fill temporary and direct hire IT roles across a wide variety of industries. The firm ranks among the top 25 IT staffing firms in the country, a position they’ve held in large part thanks to their innovative culture and collaborative approach to staffing.

So it wasn’t a surprise that the firm had aspirations to stay ahead of the game when it comes to technology. When marketing pro Charlean Parks joined the team, she was tasked with revamping DIVERSANT’s contractor communication and engagement strategy, with a focus on cultivating satisfaction and increasing NPS.

“We had a need to better engage with our consultants, proactively address issues that might come up, and do a better job making sure they’re happy,” explains Parks. “We started using Sense to help with our consultant engagement process, and it really took us to the next level.”

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Building a Human Engagement Engine

Parks’s vision of a more engaged community of consultants came to life through a combination of smart automation and 1:1 communication. They began by building out a Sense workflow to check in with consultants before their assignment starts, at the end of their first week, and each month thereafter. New hires also receive a note from the company’s president welcoming them to the team, which builds an instant rapport. Aside from triggered emails throughout the talent lifecycle, the key to the program’s success has been creating internal workflows to remind recruiters to reach out directly and maintain a personal connection.

“Sense is a great tool, and it also allows us to put a human touch on our communication,” says Parks. “We care about our consultants. We know we care — but now our consultants know we care, too. They know because we demonstrate it.”

Channeling Positive Sentiment Into Action

All of the work to increase consultant engagement and proactively address issues has paid off with skyrocketing NPS results. But as a marketer, Parks knew that the public brand story and feedback needed to reflect that positive experience. So, they added another layer to their NPS journey. Now when a contractor rates their employment experience as a nine or ten, they automatically receive a thank you note and a text message request to share a review on Glassdoor.

Response rates for these interactions have grown to 33%, and DIVERSANT has seen an impactful boost to their Glassdoor review scores — a 35% improvement in just a few months. The positive effect on their employer brand has not gone unnoticed. “From a market perspective, Sense makes us look like we have a bigger marketing engine than we actually do,” boasts Parks. “It’s changed our lives here.”

With improved NPS and a highly engaged workforce, the next step for DIVERSANT is a redeployment strategy aimed at keeping consultants within the portfolio. DIVERSANT plans to create a sophisticated journey of drip campaigns to re-engage the millions of contractors within their JobDiva database. She notes that the Sense platform has made this all possible, offering a new approach to communicating with their employees.

“They connect with us. We connect with them,” says Parks. “It's personal now. It's not just business.”

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