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How To Hire The Right Contractor Care Manager

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Pankaj Jindal
November 13, 2021

Look for these 6 traits when you’re interviewing candidates

How important is a contractor care program to your staffing firm? I hope your answer is “very important.” When you’re choosing someone to be the head of that team, you want to make sure that you pick the right person with all of the necessary traits and skills.

Knowing you’ve got the right person isn’t easy. And interviewing too many candidates could overwhelm your team. So how many candidates is too many? According to Marketo, you should interview no more than 80 candidates.

Here’s a short list for of the traits that we think are most important when choosing the right contractor care manager.

1. Relationship focused

Your contractor care manager’s main job is to take care of your contractors. You want to hire someone who is deeply focused on building strong, authentic relationships with each of your contractors.

A contractor care manager who is focused on creating relationships with contractors and co-workers is a team player, not just manager. The better this person is at building relationships, the better they will be at managing contractors and building a cohesive internal team.

2. Open to feedback

One of the best ways that your staffing firm can improve their retention of contractors is by asking for and implementing feedback. This openness to feedback shouldn’t stop there. Your contractor care manager should be open to feedback from their team members and from contractors.

Better yet, they should seek feedback on how they, the team, and the staffing firm can improve their performance to make the entire company more successful. Asking for and accepting feedback are the first steps toward improvement.

3. Skills over prestige

When you’re looking for the right contractor care manager, don’t just look for the resumes that have pedigree or candidates who attended Ivy League schools. You want to choose skills over prestige.

Look at their past experiences, ask for recommendations from previous employers, and follow up recommendations with additional questions and discussion. Examining their skills and getting feedback will give you a much better picture of who they are and how they will behave as a manager than what school they attended or what their GPA was.

4. Contractor advocates

Your contractor care manager is the advocate for your contractors. They are the ones who make sure that your contractors are well cared for, receiving proper communication, and stands up to make sure they get the changes they need to do their job well. When everyone else is focused on business performance and internal employees, your contractor care manager still has their eye on your contractors.

A contractor care manager is the champion of your workforce.

5. Willing to be involved on all levels

A contractor care manager isn’t just a manager. When you hire someone for this position, you want to find someone who is willing to be involved at all levels of the contractor care process. They should understand the ins and outs of the contractor care program, and not be afraid to get more involved when necessary.

Their primary role is to manage the staffing firm employees, but at the same time, they’ll also have to interact with your staffing firm’s contractors. Make sure that you’re hiring someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

6. High empathy quotient

A great contractor care manager should have a high empathy quotient. This means that they are able to understand the perspective of contractors, listen to problems, and generally put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

A contractor care manager who has a high empathy quotient will be better able to know and meet the needs of your contractors.

Building the perfect contractor care team is an essential aspect of your business, and the cornerstone of the perfect team is the right contractor care manager. Without a great manager, your contractor care team won’t give your contractors the fair treatment they deserve.

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