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The Real Benefit of Recruiter Productivity (It’s More than Time Savings!)

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Devon Kerns, Product Manager, Engage
November 16, 2021

Saving time is good. Using that extra time to grow your business... well, that’s great. Staffing firms are increasingly turning to technology to stay ahead of the curve, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. And it’s a smart move — automation tools save your recruiters time, grow your data capabilities, and improve productivity across your organization.

That said, if your technology platform shows you that your recruiters are saving time but isn’t reflecting what they’re doing with those hours, it’s not holding itself accountable. The crux of efficiency gains aren’t the gains themselves — it’s what you do with that newfound time and money. To truly understand the ROI of your tech tools, you need the full picture of how they impact your business.

Sense customer PrideStaff used automation to grow average recruiter productivity by more than 30%, accomplishing the equivalent work of 21 full-time employees per year. The real success, though, was not in the productivity increase alone, but in the opportunities that arose for the firm with all that extra bandwidth. PrideStaff has been able to engage with candidates and contractors more effectively, seeing increased redeployments — over 38K in the last year — thanks to automated workflows. 

Powerful technology will not only automate your communications and improve candidate engagement, but it will also provide data on where you're making other improvements. With robust analytics and reporting, you’ll be able to identify the places that need more attention and where you’re already making progress in growing revenue. 

In short: to quantify the benefits of growing recruiter productivity, that time savings needs to be reinvested in revenue-generating activities. So, what might you do with those extra hours?

  • Invest in your candidate experience. Let your recruiters take back their time and use it for quality, engaging calls with candidates to provide a top-notch experience. 
  • Get more placements. All those automation efficiencies will give your team the time they need to get more candidates through the pipeline. If every recruiter earned just one additional placement a month, what could that do for your business? 
  • Focus on contractor care. Recruiters will have the bandwidth to not just think about filling the top of the funnel, but also engaging the contractors throughout the talent lifecycle and growing loyalty to your brand — ultimately lowering attrition rates.
  • Increase redeployment. Here’s a way to save even more money: leverage the talent you already have in your database. With more time on their hands, recruiters can connect with active contractors at strategic times during their assignment to find their next opportunity. 
  • Give your clients a little extra TLC. With a few extra hours in the day, you can provide a better experience not just for candidates and contractors, but also the core engine of your business: your clients. Take the opportunity to delve deeper into their needs and find new ways to grow your relationship. 

Creative ideas flowing? Ready to do more with your time savings and understand the true ROI of recruiter productivity? Great! Now it’s time to invest in a technology that will help you get there. To see what Sense can do for you, contact us to schedule a demo.

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