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Top 4 Recruiting Chatbots in 2023

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Diana Mitchell
September 8, 2023

With recruiters more pressed than ever in what is the most competitive recruiting landscape of our lifetimes, recruiting chatbots and other recruiting technologies have empowered teams to be more efficient, effective and ultimately, successful. But how can you know which is the best recruiting bot for your company? Which will make you the hero of your office? Or which will blow your budget without getting results. 

Making the right decision is pretty important. No pressure. 🤷‍♀️

The best four recruiting chatbot platforms

Let’s get right to it. There’s a reason you’ve probably come across every recruitment chatbot in this list – they’re either the best (like, ahem, Sense), or they spend an awful lot on Google ads 😂. You can laugh, but it’s true (and you know it!). 


Here’s the thing, though – we know where our recruiting chatbot stands amongst the competition. And we’re pretty darn confident about it. We also want to make sure you make the best decision for your company. Everyone’s needs are different. And although we are positive we’re the best choice for you, we want to help you either way. So without further ado, let’s break down the strengths of the top 4 recruiting bots: 

1. Sense Recruiting Chatbot

Let's start off with a bang. The Sense Recruiting Chatbot was built specifically for recruiters, and our team works tirelessly to empower customers like you, with whatever ATS is in your tech stack, to leverage the power and technology that’s under the hood. 

Sense Recruiting Chatbot is available 24/7/365 to answer questions, match candidates to jobs, prescreen, and schedule interviews on your recruiters’ schedules. Outbound chatbot can be deployed with automation to reactivate your database, update candidate records, and otherwise engage your network – saving your recruiters thousands of hours per month while adding a uniquely personal touch to your communications (and knowing when and how to bring in your recruiters when a 1:1 personal touch is necessary). 

Our sourcing chatbot lives on your website and helps reduce your bounce rate while engaging candidates whenever they are interested in looking at and applying to your jobs. Our cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) provides a frictionless experience for your candidates, and a similarly frictionless and powerful experience for your recruiters. Our list of integration partners is, if you’ll allow us to brag, exceptional. And we are constantly adding to the list. 


And unlike others on this list, Sense recruiting chatbot was built to work seamlessly alongside and with our entire cadre of recruiting technology. The Sense platform is powerful, and allows you to consolidate your tech stack while simultaneously ramping up results (and ROI). We have made many a decision maker the hero of the office. It’s a badge of honor, really. 

2. HireVue AI Recruiting Assistant (formerly AllyO Recruitment Bot)

AllyO was initially a recruiting chatbot only; however, since they were acquired by HireVue in 2020, the AllyO recruiting chatbot is now being touted as part of a product suite. This is something that you’ll also commonly hear with (no pun intended) HereFish, a platform similar to Sense in many ways that was acquired by Bullhorn several years ago. The challenge with this type of product and platform; however, is that the products were not built together. They weren’t built to work together. And as a result, the UX for products like AllyO tend to be lackluster. Making something that was built as a standalone product work with a separate product suite is like putting duct tape on a hole in your boat. It’ll get the job done…for now…but it’s not going to give you as solid of an experience (or as strong a return on your investment) as a boat that was built to withstand damage.

As a standalone chatbot; however, AllyO performs as you would hope and expect a recruiting chatbot to function, allowing candidates to ask questions, schedule interviews, and prescreen for a particular position. Their integrations list; however, is underwhelming (and again lacks the most common ATSs for our friends in staffing & recruiting).  

3. iCIMS Text Engagement Chatbot for Recruiting (formerly TextRecruit Chatbot)

TextRecruit served a very specific purpose early on – it was a texting platform for recruiters :). They launched their chatbot product, Ari, back in 2017 and were purchased by iCIMS in April 2022 to help them boost their suite of products. 

As with HireVue, there is a challenge in platforms that purchase 3rd party vendors. A lack of native, custom-built integration can prove challenging for customers. And you really don’t have time for quirks and bugs to be worked out after an acquisition (this one is hot off the presses as of the date of this blog publication, in fact). 

4. (Olivia) Recruiting Chatbot is a major player in the HR tech space, so you’ve likely encountered them in your searches, conversations, and overall research. Their chatbot, named Olivia, uses natural language processing to have natural conversations with candidates, answer questions, and schedule interviews with recruiters. 

Olivia is touted as integrating with some common vendors who may also be in your HR tech stack. A neat touch on their website is the ability to actually test out Olivia for yourself and see what the experience would be like for a candidate.

Sounds pretty great! In our conversations with customers who have also vetted Olivia, we have heard that pricing is pretty inconsistent and most importantly, extremely expensive. The most functionality comes with the purchase of the Paradox ATS, with limited or restricted functionality with many other common ATSs (this is especially true for those of you in the staffing & recruiting industry).

See firsthand how Sense recruiting chatbot is the best AI-powered recruiting tool

We know that we’ve spoken a lot about our technology in this post, but it’s because we’re extremely proud of our game-changing recruiting chatbot and platform.

Are you ready to accelerate your hiring with a 24/7 digital recruiter? Sense and Talent Board teamed up to survey 400 staffing and talent acquisition leaders around the world to understand how they are coping with the pressures of engaging qualified candidates in today’s volatile talent market. You can access the insight-packed report here.

Alternatively, our team would love to walk you through exactly how Sense recruiting chatbot can help drive your ROI (and work with your existing tech stack) to deliver game-changing results for your recruiting team. Contact us here to get things started.

Top 4 recruiting chatbots in 2023

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