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Why we developed Sense TRM

Posted by
Alex Rosen
July 27, 2023

It’s always an exciting time here at Sense, but right now is an especially exciting time. We are constantly asking, researching, and testing new ways to deliver exceptional experiences and results for our customers. And even more importantly, their recruiters, candidates, and customers as well. That’s why I’m especially pleased to talk about the release of Sense TRM. 

Sense TRM, or Talent Relationship Management, is a recruiter-facing hub that empowers your recruiting team to manage every facet of candidate relationships from a single login. With Sense TRM, your recruiters can view candidate information, rank candidates and automatically match them to relevant jobs, add them to automated messaging campaigns, manage candidate scoring, and advance them through the hiring process all within a single platform

But that’s just a small taste of the “what” behind Sense TRM. You can find even more details about the Sense TRM platform on our webpage or in our official launch press release. 

Today, I really want to dig into the “why” behind Sense TRM, because we’re constantly innovating here at Sense, and while of course the “what” is critical, I think there’s some benefit to showing you how we think, design, build, and implement here on our team. I think it’s part of why we’re able to deliver such game-changing results for our customers, and it’s something that we’re very proud of across our team. 

Why we developed Sense TRM

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look into the factors and coincidences that influenced the development of TRM:

Keeping a close pulse on the industry 

Our team spends a lot of time at industry events, speaking to leaders, reading publications, listening to podcasts, and more. It’s not only part of our jobs here at Sense, but we are all extremely interested and invested in the recruiting industry. 

We knew that the future of recruiting was evolving, and we focused on discovering the major pain points that currently exist (or that have evolved) in today’s recruiting world.

There simply wasn’t a single-interface, recruiter-facing platform that was designed and built for the future of recruiting. Something that acknowledged and respected legacy technology that is essential, but not necessarily conducive to the extremely fast nature of recruiting today. The earliest seeds of Sense TRM came out of these conversations, in recognizing that Sense was uniquely qualified and equipped to design and build a recruiter-facing platform specifically for the modern recruiting workflow. 

Customer input and validation

Customer feedback and insights from our customer advisory board are invaluable to our team, providing insight and direction that fuels us every day. In conversations with them, we were consistently hearing that our customers wanted a platform to help them manage their end-to-end hiring workflow regardless of their ATS, no matter how much data they had, or how much they use their ATS. 

While Sense provides tools that are available both individually and collectively to help achieve all of these components, we realized there was an opportunity to bring the most critical components of the recruiting tech stack into a single interface. So, Sense TRM allows recruiters to engage with potential job seekers and assign them to automated campaigns. They can create and deploy automated workflows that engage talent throughout the talent lifecycle through emails, texts, and chatbots. All without leaving Sense TRM.

Real Impact

While industry trends plus customer feedback and insights are obviously valuable, the ability of a product to make a real impact through results and clear ROI is essential. Through copious research and testing, we were confident throughout the development of Sense TRM that it would have a meaningful impact on candidate experience and the day-to-day for recruiters.

What does real impact look like, exactly? Here is a quick rundown of just some of the ways Sense TRM will make an impact: 

  • Sense TRM truly empowers recruiters to take charge of the entire hiring process, while freeing them to do exactly that (and it bears repeating, within a single platform).
  • A seamless high-volume hiring experience through strategic automation, while sourcing better candidates and decreasing critical metrics like time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.
  • Improved relationships with job seekers and potential hires, improving drop offs and no-shows while increasing referrals.
  • Increased operational efficiency where it matters and improved leverage of your candidate database, reducing job board spend.
  • Empowerment of talent teams to make data-driven decisions on campaigns and sourcing channels though Sense TRM’s detailed analytics.

What happened next 

With all of this information and inspiration under our wings, we set forth to develop and build a powerful platform that:

  • Leveraged our biggest strength and roots in automation to help recruiting teams be more efficient and create better candidate experiences while hiring faster (through automating key points of the hiring process, reactivating dormant candidates, and much more).
  • Put a priority on engagement and communication, which are increasingly essential for fast, quality hires – if you don’t respond to candidates instantly in our market, you’ve lost them.
  • Added powerful capabilities that leveraged AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) for job matching, getting the right candidates to the right recruiters, at the right time.

There’s even more, but these are the cornerstones.

This is just the beginning of this new chapter for Sense

We are incredibly excited for this newest edition to our Sense Talent Engagement Platform. While we launch Sense TRM today, we have an entire roadmap that we're excited to build and deliver and we can't wait to show you more soon. Learn more about Sense TRM here.

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