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You can’t manage what you can't measure

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Alexandra Kane
November 13, 2021

Your energy is being pointed in so many directions lately. Every new innovation or trend has the potential to dramatically impact your results. So it can be tempting to dive in and take advantage of EVERYTHING. 

While there are many reasons to consolidate as much of your staffing technology as possible, regardless of how many tools, software and processes you implement, there is one hard and fast rule to help ensure that whatever you invest in actually makes a positive impact on your staffing firm:

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. 

It’s hard to know when something is getting results if you aren’t able to measure those results. And with technology more powerful than ever, gathering data at seemingly every turn, there is ample opportunity to measure. 

Measuring the right things helps you maximize results

But what should you measure? Where do you start? 

Let’s take a look at some results that were achieved by some of your staffing industry peers,  by A) Implementing the right staffing technology, and B) Carefully measuring their results:

40% contact response rate

When they were struggling with high rates of candidate dropoff from offer to start, HealthCare Support reached out to Sense. They had little insight into what was causing the dropoff and what was impacting engagement. 

Without knowing where they were falling short, it was impossible to know what could be done to improve.

Offer-to-start falloff was the #1 issue facing their firm. That meant leveraging Sense technology to directly address the problem and measure its impact. It was time to measure what was working (and what wasn’t), and effectively manage their efforts to get the best possible results. 

They focused intensely on candidate engagement to ensure that talent made it to their assignments after accepting the offers. This entailed creating and implementing triggered workflows prior to and during the first week of a deployment, including automated offer letters, first-day surveys and consistent recruiter check-ins. 

HSS then added Messaging to their repertoire to better reach their talent on their preferred devices and really ramp up results. It connected directly to their ATS to built a truly robust communications hub -- a simplified solution that maximized every corner of their staffing technology. 

Ultimately, HSS  found that while they set out to improve dropoff rates, they’ve identified and impacted many more opportunities than they initially anticipated. In taking control of their communication strategy on all sides, HealthCare Support was doing far more than just streamlining email and text.

They’ve shed a light on areas of growth and success, and have subsequently used those insights to build a strategy for the future.

But in the meantime, they have that 40% contact response rate to know their commitment is paying off. Plus, candidates who interact with HSS via Sense are 4x more likely to stay on assignment. 

Pretty cool, right? 

50% improvement in online reviews

Online reviews stress out a LOT of staffing firms. That’s because research suggests 50% of job seekers read online reviews, and 35% of workers would pull out of the recruitment process after reading negative online reviews

GTN Technical Staffing  knew that they had strong relationships with their talent. They saw it first hand every day. But their online reviews didn’t reflect the reality of their day-to-day. And those reviews (or lack thereof) impact talent and their decisions. 

We all know how it is -- you know that candidate engagement and contractor care should be priorities, but everyone is already so busy. It can be difficult to build in the processes and time for your team to focus on these priorities -- and to reap the benefits. 

They tried manual processes to encourage talent to leave good reviews, but they required someone running reports regularly and manually sending out individual emails. This process needed to be managed. And they needed to measure their efforts before they could know what was working (and what wasn’t). 

So it wasn’t successful.

Using the right technology (Sense!), GTN could automate communications -- including requests for reviews. And by doing so, GTN increased their recruiter productivity and improved their online reviews by 50%. 

Boom 🎤

188% increase in hires YOY 

No, that’s not a typo. A nearly 200% increase in hires year over year. 

Growth is always a good thing, right? 

Well, it can cause some hiccups for sure. And without measuring and managing those hiccups, they can cause some major road bumps for your staffing firm. 

Integrated Resources, Inc., recognized this fact. They were seeing some tremendous growth, but realized that they were unable to adhere to the mantra that guided them since they launched, “Build relationships that last for life.”

Recognizing the issue, they implemented “white glove” service across the business. But it was impossible for IRI recruiters to keep in touch with EVERYONE. 

Old-school technology wasn’t meeting their needs, and wasn’t empowering IRI to better manage their efforts by measuring their impact. 

With that in mind, they approached Sense with a single goal: Improve the experience for placed candidates. 

IRI got to work, implementing Sense in a way that aligned 100% with their mission. They solicited NPS data from candidates daily, checking in and adjusting as necessary to ensure they were delivering “white glove” service. And they did it at scale, leveraging automation to send the right messages at the right times. 

Using the data provided, they helped recruiters and account managers know where to best focus their one-on-one efforts. And ultimately, it led to dramatic results. Some of the most dramatic we’ve seen.

Their NPS score jumped from 31 to 71 (a 129% increase) -- the industry average is 29. 

They implemented Messaging to better communicate with candidates via text and saw huge bumps in response rate and engagement. 

The rest of that measuring? Well, here are more of the highlights -- we led off with a big one: a 188% increase in hires year over year. By measuring and better managing their efforts, they also landed an 86% increase in responses from candidates. 

How could measuring your results and managing your efforts impact your staffing firm? 

I think the most powerful component of all of these examples is that implementing the technology to start measuring and managing their efforts was SIMPLE. By partnering with Sense, they gained access to staffing industry experts who helped them implement our technology and develop the processes necessary to integrate it seamlessly into their businesses. 

Chances are, there’s at least one area you know could be improved. One that could make a massive impact on your bottom line. But you may feel so overwhelmed that focusing on that area seems like an insurmountable challenge. 

We can help. Contact our team to schedule a demo and see how Sense can integrate seamlessly into your staffing firm.

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